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Title Counting how many users you have online
Platform Windows XP, IIS 5.0
Price Free
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Counters
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Description Counting how many users you currently have viewing your website is a neat thing to add to your site and it's simple. In order to create this script, you must learn about session, application objects and the global.asa file.


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Scripts Related to - Counting how many users you have online

Script Name

Simple Text Counter

This example is a simple text based counter that will only show page views, not actual visitors. It uses the File Scripting Object to interact with a text file. It first reads the current number in the file and adds one to it, then displays it as text on the page.

Simple Counter Using Graphics

This example is a simple counter using graphics to display the numbers that will only show page views, not actual visitors. It uses the File Scripting Object to interact with a text file.

ASP and current performance values

Want to show current number of users on your ASP page? This article lets you show a way to access IIS/ASP performance values from ASP. Source to show current number of anonymous users or main IIS performance values in HTML, values from other computers.

Simple visitor counter

This is a simple text-based visitor counter. It uses the IIS PageCounter object and only shows the total (non-unique) number of hits. This is as easy as it gets: copy-paste 3 lines of code into your page and you're done.

Counter that returns screeninfo

With this script, you can retrieve the users screen resolution and color depth. It writes the screen info and the usual visitors' info to an access database. The script only counts unique users.

A Simple Way To Tally Your Visitors

Hit counters are used by all types of web sites and allow us to keep an active tally of how many visits our site receives on any particular day. This article will teach you how to create a simple hit counter that you can display on your web site as either text or an image. The counter described uses a Microsoft Access 2000 database and ASP script to tally and display the counter on a page.

ASP Hit Counter Tutorial

This tutorial and free script download guide you line by line through the process of making a hit counter for your web site. Also download the code and tutorial with each line code commented with pre made counter images.

Creating an ASP-driven Page Counter for HTML Pages

This article illustrates a technique to provide dynamic content generated from an ASP page onto a static HTML page. Specifically it explains how to display a page counter on a number of static HTML pages.

Simple Database Hit Counter

This short tutorial shows you how to write a simple database driven counter using MS Access. Each step is explained in detail.

Dev ASP Hit Counter

You can count the number of visitors on your site with a very simple ASP code. Create a file Count.asp with the following code and add in the header of every page useing Server Side Include(SSI).

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