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  • Text counter
    A very detailed tutorial of how to create your own flat file text counter. No database required!
  • Simple Hit Counter Script Part 2 - Members Only
    Final Part of the tutorial that helps your to build your own hit counter with some basic features. Consists of data for last 24 hours, No of users online for the past 5 minutes. It's simple & effecitve
  • Simple Pageviews Counter
    With this simple and straight-forward tutorial, you can learn how to create and implement a counter that updates every time a page is viewed.
  • How to create a unique visitors counter - Free
    In this tutorial you will be tought how you can fairly easy create a unique visitors counter for your website. This way you will know exactly how many different people have visited your website.
  • Unique Visitors Counter - 0.00
    Teaches you how to build a great PHP and MySQL unique visitors counter so you can show others the amount of hits you are getting. Very reliable.
  • graphical counter - free
    This shows how to create a slightly more attractive counter using counter art available . More interesting than a plain text counter but no more difficult to implement.
  • text counter - free
    A simple no frills text counter that does illustrate some basic file handling in PHP
  • Text based Counter - Freeware
    A counter is an essential part of a site to know how many people are coming to site. Here is an easy way to make a counter. All you need is access to PHP and be able to chmod a directory.
  • Simple Text-based counter
    A very basic tutorial with working example. It shows beginner how to make a simple text counter by opening, reading, and writing to files.
  • Simple Hit Counter Script Part 1 - Member Only
    Part 1 of 2 Tutorial to create a hit counter using php/mysql. Some of the feature discussed in thi tutorial will be show no, of online, unique visitor , visit log & etc. A good & practical tutorial for begineers.
  • Simple clicks counter script
    Learn how to design a proper database table and write some simple PHP script which will count each click made on the item by the visitors of your page.
  • Counting unique visitors
    This tutorial will teach you how to create your own advanced counter. This is not a common way when you need to write each time when user reloads the page, but this is cookies based technique for counting real people. You will be able to count old and new visitors, and hits as allways. Information is stored in one MySQL table. This pretty fast method works great for heavy sites.
  • Building a PHP Counter
    This tutorial will help you build and understand how a counter that only counts unique visitors works.
  • Simple MySQL PHP Hit Counter
    A very simple hit counter that tracks visits per site. Also a basic introduction to Session Management.
  • How does a simple hitcounter work
    This is a short tutorial on how to make your own simple hitcounter in PHP.
  • Serving Graphical Web Page Counters from a PHP Script - Free
    This tutorial is intended for PHP programmers interested in learning how to apply PHP's GD image manipulation support. Readers interested in learning how to access a MySQL database from PHP, and/or define a PHP function will also benefit from this tutorial. You should be able to create a table using the MySQL command interface, and must know how to create a GIF using any commercial paint program.
  • Plain Language Guide to Using PHP3 Counters - Free
    This is a guide to installing graphical and text PHP3 counters. Graphical counter includes image size and alternate text. Both the graphical and text use the same script base.

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