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Title Count 02
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Count 02
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Counters » Image and Text Based
Hits 575
Description This is a simple counter script that can be used as graphic, text, or hidden counter. Only 12 lines of code. Requires Server Side Includes (SSI).


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Scripts Related to - Count 02

Script Name

Cool Counter

This counter does NOT require SSI. The counter is embeded within a javascript. It supports automatic multi user counter IDs. Display as text or with images. You can access the counter value with javascripts, a great feature for using within other CGI-Scripts. Counter can be set to hidden or to read-only.

Keeptrack Suit

The Keeptrack Suit is a collection of page counter Perl scripts. Two SSI based ones (a graphical and a non graphical) and one Image Tag based on.

Alain's Webcounter


This script will count visitors, but only new visitors each day get added to the overall count. Return IP's on the same day do not get recounted. It requires SSI.

Dual Counter

A counter that allows you to use either a text or graphical way of showing how many visitors came to your site. Requires SSI.

Grad-Net Counter

Can't decide whether you want a counter that uses inline images or a text based counter using server side includes. With our counter you get both! This counter also can count (if you want) unique hits only. This way, one person can add only one hit to the total count producing a more accurate counter.


This is a very versatile counter. It can be used with Server Side Includes (SSI) or by a simple HTML image tag. The SSI method allows for more display options, such as plain text output, which can then be manipulated by the HTML markup of the web page. On the other hand, the image tag method can be used to put counters in HTML documents residing on remote web sites. You can even embed a VersaCounter in virtual HTML documents produced by other CGI scripts. With SSI operation the script outputs ordinary text/html to the server, which then parses it into the web page. For the text counter style this output is plain text, with an optional preset hyperlink around the hit count. For the graphical counter styles the script replaces the hit count with an HTML image tag pointing to the GIF image of the counter, saved as another file on the server. It can also block against consecutive reloads and optionally log visitor's info.

Access Counter

A very simple counter that can be graphic, text or hidden with only 12 lines of code. Requires Server Side Includes (SSI).

BS Counter

BS Counter is a web counter/tracker written in Perl. Features include: blocking of multiple hits from the same user, insertion of commas, can be set to text-based or graphical mode, supports multiple counters from the same script, and tracks users' browsers, operating systems, and location. (requires SSI)

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