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Title Cooltips
Platform windows,unix
Price freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Cooltips
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Mouse Tricks
Hits 853
Description This is a little snippet which you can use on any object like a table or img. The script uses your mouse position and when the mouse is moved the tooltip will slide with the mouse. the tips are fading in and out from 0 to 100% transparancy


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Scripts Related to - Cooltips

Script Name

Screaming No-Right-Click From Hell

A memorable experience for Internet Explorer users who right-click on your page -- this script opens a popup that flies around the screen, screaming. Worse, you cannot shut the screamer up without following a specific instruction. (Default behavior for non-IE browsers also included.) Very easy to install, the script comes as a download kit with simple instructions, sample code, and sound file included.

The unique mouseovers

Mouseovers are age-old (only for Internet) way of showing that you can play with JavaScript. Even now we design sites with mouse over as compulsory as <html> tag. I tweaked the conventional mouse over script to the present one. It shows image on onMouseOver, onMouseOut and onMouseDown, creating the impression that button is pressed..

Drag and Drop

Implementing drag and drop functionality is not as simple as one would think. Besides having to do a boundary check on all the draggable layers, you also have to make sure that the right layer is selected when overlapping occurs. By combining a subset of my DHTML API with my mouse events script, I created this minimalist drag and drop HTML sample.

Image Mouse Over

Create different mouse over effects for your images or icons with text links too. Many other free tools as well.

JSFX Alien Caterpillar (Mouse Trail)

An alien "caterpillar" tracks your mouse cursor across your web page. This script was originally developed to simulate the Sentinals or "Squidies" from The Matrix. Given the right images it can achieve that affect. However, in order to avoid copyright infringement this script is supplied with 4 examples using self created images. You can use the default images for 4 different mouse trailers or use your own images to create your own mouse tracking "alien" creature. Not a very useful script but it does add a WOW factor to your web page.(Update. Click on it!)

No-Right-Click Script Opens Popup Window

Use this script to launch a popup window whenever the right mouse button is clicked. Useful for limited protection of page code and images; and the popup window can contain whatever fulmination on human morals you wish to deliver.

Capturing Mouse X-Y Position Script and Quick-Take Tutorial

This straightforward, easy script and quick-take mini-tutorial shows how to reliably capture the mouse X and Y positions, dynamically, in NS4-6 and IE4-6. Also shows how to display positional values in form fields.

4 Christmas Trailers

Add a touch of Christmas to your website with this sweet little DHTML animation. Very easy configuration. Choose among three different animations. IE 5x/6x, NS 4x/6x/7x.

DS CursorSinusText

This script displays a sinus text effect on the cursor. The script includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming.

Tigra Tables

Tigra Tables is JavaScript applet creating nice client-side visual effects for HTML tables making them easier to read.

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