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Cookies and Sessions
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  • PHP SESSIONS - Membership Tutorial - free
    This tutorial will teach you how to make a Membership System from Scratch! Plus, I have added some bonus functionalities like blocking a memberĘs access after a specified number of days.
  • How to preserve language status using PHP sessions - Free
    Read this to brief tutorial to learn how to preserve language status beyond your web pages using PHP sessions and GET - POST variables. Also you can apply this tip to achive other goals switching the session variables.
  • Cookies 101 - FREE
    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your local Hard Drive and is used by Websites who created them. They may be used to save the date of your last visit. This Tutorial will give you the knowledge you need to start using Cookies on your Website.
  • Sessions - Freeware
    This tutorial will teach an alternative and effective solution to cookies in PHP which might actually be better for your website and security.
  • Cookies - Freeware
    Setting and playing around with cookies is a fun and useful way to save data on a user's hard drive, and can successfully store valuable information which may be helpful the next time they come to the site. Its fairly simple to set up, and even easier to read.
  • Cookies in PHP
    For those new to web development and 'how things work', cookies can be a very confusing matter. In this tutorial, Timothy gives you an overview of cookies to help you understand how they work.
  • Using sessions make a login script
    To begin this tutorial in PHP sessions, you must first make sure that your web server (ie. apache) has the options to allow session with the configuration. Note: people using apache and php under a win32 enviorment must manually configure this option. To start, this tutorial, you should have some basic knowledge of php coding.
  • Customized Timeout Sessions - Freeware
    Learn how to log users out of a system after x amount of minutes of inactivity. This is a great security add-on!
  • Session: simple password protection
    Usage of sessions is sortly explained by using two examples: a hit counter and a simple password protection script.
  • Using Sessions in PHP
    A tutorial on the basics of sessions in PHP.
  • PHP Sessions Introduction
    Ready to spice up your website This introduction to Sessions will definately get you going in the right direction. Learn an outstanding and more reliable method utilizing information than Cookies! PHP Sessions is the answer.
  • basic sessions tutorial with register globals switched off
    This is a basic sessions tutorial where the register globals are switched off.
  • Creating A Unique User ID For Cookies
    Code snippet for creating a unique randome ID for cookie management.
  • User-aware PHP scripts
    Learn how to build user-aware PHP scripts that can remember your user's personal settings on your website. Also a good introduction to cookies.
  • PHP and Cookies
    Cookies are useful tiny files that can help tracking users, show targeted advertising, etc. PHP provides a simple, easy-to-use function for working with cookies. This article explains how to create, modify, read and delete cookies successfully.
  • Implementing Cross-Domain Cookies
    According to the cookie specification, any cookie set for one domain, must not be sent to any other domain. Therefore, if you set a cookie in your user's browser on one domain, that cookie will not be available on any other domain. This tutorial describes a solution to get around this issue.
  • User Tracking and Session Management Scripts - Free
    Taken from chaper 6 of "PHP Essentials," this section contains several very basic PHP scripts using cookies and sessions.
  • Custom Session Handlers in PHP4 - Free
    This document describes how to customize the session handlers in PHP4. It provides examples of how to write a fully functional session handler that works with DBM files and one that works with a MySQL database.
  • Using Cookies & File Appending - Free
    Explains how to set and check for cookies using PHP. Also demonstrates a simple way to read and write data to a file.

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