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Cookies and Sessions
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  • ASP Session Transfer across domains - Free
    You may have come across a situation where you have two ASP websites, possibly on different servers, and you wish to pass a visitor from site 1 to site 2 whilst retaining all the session variables. XSess passes the session variables from one ASP webserver to another securely. XSess consists of a function, and a few supporting functions, contained in an include file. NB: XSess does not transfer session array objects.
  • Read and Write Cookies - Free
    Tutorial explaining how to read and write cookies and why they can come in handy. The tutorial also gives examples of how cookies can be used to personalize webpages.
  • Quick Cookie 101
    This quick and simple tutorial gives you an quick idea on how cookies are set & read by your scripts. Cookies are a quick and easy way to add any form of interaction to your site this tutorial gives you a quick 101 on how to use them in your scripts. A tutorial worth a read for both beginners and advanced.
  • Maintaining Session State With ASP
    Sessions and cookies can be used to persist visitor information. This article shows us how to maintain session state with ASP using a combination of cookies, sessions and the global.asa file.
  • Creating Cookies With ASP
    No matter how you feel about cookies, good bad or indifferent, they are an integral part of many webs. Why not unlock the mystery and write your own? Here's a quick rundown on this.
  • Using Cookies
    Get some information about those cookies you keep hearing about, learn how to create one yourself.
  • Sesion and Application
    This tutorial shows how to keep information from the user in your server (Session method) and how to share information between users (Application method). This is only a basic tutorial for beginners with only basic features are described.
  • Introduction to Cookies Method
    A basic information on using Cookies in ASP. An access counter is used as an example.
  • Here, There, and Back Again: Maintaining State Across Domains
    This article describes three simple techniques which combine persistent cookie management and creative redirects to give users a consistent experience as they move through sites in different subdomains and domains.
  • How Session variables work
    Session variables can store user-specific information for you. This tutorial explain how to configure your server and how they work (and when they don't).
  • State Mechanisms in ASP
    There are several ways to maintain state in ASP. This article takes a look at them, and a means to determine which ones are best to employ.
  • An Overview of Cookie Detection in ASP
    This article will explain the problems faced with detecting cookies in ASP and address them one by one. You will then be presented with a cookie detection script written in ASP that you can use on your own site.
  • Cookies Across Domains
    Cookies are not transferrable across domains; the only domain that can access the cookie is the domain that created it. This article describes solutions to bypass this limitation using Active Server Pages.
  • Sessions & Cookies
    This tutorial explains how to set up and manage session and application level scripting using the global.asa file.
  • Cookies 101
    Cookies are a very useful; they can store usernames/password, preferences, last visits, etc. This short explains how to store information a user may type in at a typical website.
  • Write and Read A Cookie - Free
    Cookies enable you to write text directly to a users computer. This can be used to easily recognize if a user has been to your site before or used to prevent multiple entries in to forms. This example will take any input you type in and write it to a cookie. A hyperlink to the same page is created to demonstrate on subsequent visits (within 3 days) the user will see their input rather then the text input box.
  • Cookies with ASP
    Cookies can be a good method for passing data between pages and especially for retaining data between sessions. Today, it's pretty safe to assume that anyone who is using your site can use cookies, since nearly every site that is non-static makes use of them(including all ASP sites that use sessions). It is also possible to set and read cookies using client-side code, but it is a bit more difficult. Reading and writing cookies using Active Server Pages' built in Request and Response objects is incredibly easy.
  • Let's bake some cookies! - Free
    One of the problems on the net is that you seldom know whom your dealing with. Is it a newbie on your site, a regular guest or your boss? Wouldn't it be cool if you could display different pages to each of them? With cookies you can tag them, and know if they been on your site before etc. This turorial explains how to set and read cookies in ASP pages.
  • How to create and retrieve cookies using ASP - Free
    Cookies can be used to remember things about a user when they come back to your site. Cookies expire after a certain amount of time which you can set. Also, the clients browser must have cookies enabled for them to work. Here is a very simple example of creating a cookie and setting the cookie to expire in one year using ASP

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