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  • Adult Content Management System (ACMS) - 499-899
    Our script allows you to become an adult content seller with the many features of ACMS we automate everything for you, simply pack your images, license and title18 file into a zip file, upload it and add it, the system will generate all the samples for you and more, sell for other content producers. This script doesn't have to be used for adult content, you can sell just about anything with it and automate the adding, listing and give your customers instant download and alot more. This script is used by some of the top content producers on the web such as Tom Mayes and David Lace. ***New Lower Price***
  • WebEdit Professional - $179.00
    The best online html editor just got better! WebEdit Professional is the only browser based html editor that supports server side code, include tags, spellchecking, Macromedia Dreamweaver style Editable Regions and more! Let your clients maintain their own sites in a secure, fast, web based environment. No HTML or FTP Skills required. Web developers protect your site design and layout. 100% Rebrandable. 100% Pure script. Website content management at its best!
  • DevEdit PHP / WYSIWYG HTML Editing component - Free Trial / Commercial
    Add the most powerful web based WYSIWYG HTML Editor into your content management system, forum, email application or any other web-based app. 100% script, no ActiveX or Java components. Quick to load, integrates in 5 lines of code, powerful API and easy to use. Features an integrated spell checker, table and stylesheet support, color coded syntax, custom right click menu's and much much more. See why over 5000 developers use DevEdit in their applications. Download the free trial now!
  • Bitrix Site Manager 3.3 - Standard Edition - $199/$970/$1699
    The Bitrix Site Manager Standard Edition is an up-to-date content management system (CMS). The Standard Edition allows to launch a corporate web site at lowest possible cost and time or give the existing site a new management. Product provides stable functioning and cost effective growing of the Internet project. It also allows to minimize expenses on site maintenance due to ease of structure and content management.
  • SiteCenter 2004 - $299.00
    Get the competitive edge and offer a private-label, 100% online, site builder for your clients. Developed specifically for Web Hosts and Web Developers, SiteCenter allows your clients to build and maintain their entire website directly from their web browser. Extremely easy to use.<br><br> Affordable license structure, and totally rebrandable. Increase your revenue and customer retention. Try out the free online demo!
  • ExpressionEngine - Free Trial/$99/$149/$199
    ExpressionEngine a is web publishing system that empowers users to create a totally dynamic website using a set of flexible, modular, and powerful browser-based tools. With strong roots in blogging, ExpressionEngine has an interface and approach that will be immediately familiar to users, yet its tools ¿C data modeling, web services, member management, dynamic templating, statistical tracking, data caching, and robust security features ¿C rival content management systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. One of ExpressionEngineí»s most creative features is its support for add-on modules and plug-ins to allow unlimited extensibility.
  • SiteSupra Visual Content Server - Free non-profit/$144/$244
    SiteSupra Visual Content Server is professional web development and management platform built on next-generation, revolutionary visual paradigm. By deploying SiteSupra developers shorten development cycle and gain better sales and customer satisfaction, while business users enjoy advanced content management without special skills.
  • Subdreamer - Content Management System - Free / $35.00
    Subdreamer provides the ability to create magnificent websites while giving full admin control over every section. A powerful content management system with an amazing skin engine which provides users with unique and cool looking skins! Many plugins included such as the News System, Chatterbox, Guestbook, Image Gallery, Link Directory, Contact Form, and much more! Subdreamer allows complete skin and membership integration with the popular forums phpBB2 and vBulletin.
  • ArticleLive 2005
    ArticleLive is the only solution you need if you're looking to launch your own customizable content, article or news driven web site in an extremely short amount of time. From its extensible customization options to its simple content creation process, ArticleLive leads the way in content authoring for everyone... regardless of technical ability. Features multi-user capability, workflow management, extremely flexible structure, template driven, multiple content types (news, blogs, pages, articles) and much more. Try online demo now.
  • Sitetype CMS
    Sitetype was designed with the idea that presentation is just as important as functionality. Therefore a rich set of navigation options is available. Including drop down menus, and links that support tutorials. Menus are normally auto generated, but links can also be hard coded into image maps etc. This makes it attractive to designers, i.e. it doesn't have to look like a typical CMS. Article retrieval from the public pages or the archive is very efficient. Because unusually for a CMS it has an index of keywords/phrases. Sitetype is multimedia enabled. Picture galleries (as many as you like), can launch audio, video, pdf or other files. Contributors are registered and given selective access to pages and categories. Useful for community orientated sites. To summarise: Sitetype really is an easy to use CMS. Neither Blog or Portal type, it presents a subject in an organised but engaging way.
  • ContentServer - Flexible Content Management with Design Firmly In Mind
    Flexible and nimble, yet robust, ContentServer is the premier Content Management System (CMS) used to power sites of all sizes, of various designs and on practically every hosting platform available. Where most Content Management Systems focus on easy content control and administration at the expense of flexible graphic design and layout support, ContentServer was designed and built from the ground up with a deep rooted understanding that quality website design demands greater flexibility than a typical CMS can offer.
  • nsTView - Free
    Very small script, to managmant your files on web server. Easy to run - http://your_web/nstview.php , very easy to use.
  • PHP News Publishing Code - Free - Free (GPL)
    News system built with php and mysql. Simply copy the files into a folder, run the automatic setup to create your database. The file manager can upload and delete images or other documents. Edit your items on the fly with your web browser with document preview. Unlike most news systems, you control the complete look and feel of your pages. Ready to be built into existing products to add news functionality.
  • eZ publish CMS - Free (GPL)
    eZ publish is a professional open source content management system (CMS) and development framework. As a CMS it's most notable feature is its revolutionary, fully customisable and extendable content model. It is also a platform for general web development, allowing you to develop professional PHP applications. Standard eZ publish 3 functionality: easy to create and edit content, workflow system, content versioning, multilanguage possibilities, collaboration, e-commerce functionality, revolutionary content class system, role based access control are implemented and ready for you to use
  • phpBB2 Plus - phpBB2 based CMS Portal Solution - GPL
    phpBB2 Plus 1.52 is a phpBB 2.0.10 based Portal Solution with several Mods preinstalled. Installed Mods: Categories Hierarchie Mod, Gender Mod, Last Visit Mod, Card Ban Mod, Topic Calendar Mod, Statistics Mod, Advanced Links Mod, Country Flag Mod, Print Topic Mod, Tell a Friend Mod, Today at/Yesterday at Mod, Message Icon Mod, Online Status Mod, Advanced Quick Reply Mod, CMX News Mod, Scroll BBCode Mod, Fade BBCode Mod, Glow & Shadow BBCode Mod, Stream BBCode Mod, Flash BBCode Mod, Highlight BBCode Mod, PHP Code BBCode Mod, Photo Album Mod, Template fisubsilver Shadow 2.11, Smartors Portal Administration Mod, Junior Admin Mod, Color Groups Mod, Moved Folder Image Mod, Opacity Buttons Mod, FI Navslices Mod, Complete Banner Mod, Announcement Suite Mod and some more...
    UNAK is installing and working out of the box on PHP5 enabled servers. It can also use mysql backend. The system is designed for wysiwyg management and has advanced multilanguage management support.
  • Content Management with PHP and MySQL - Free (GPL)
    A simple to use basic content management system for news type content. Web cms code is based on php and the mysql database, so it is very fast and easy to setup. Allows you to login and quickly add a new news item with a news date and an expiration date. Non-admin users can also be setup to add new news, but the news story has to be activated by an admin user. Is meant to be integrated into your existing php enabled website, or can be a simple content management system on it's own. Open Source.
  • Leaguemanager
    Leaguemanager is the only fully integrated sports listing software for CMS Mambo 4.5.1. This component lets you manage all informations about multiple leagues including their clubs and teams, rounds, matches, players and many more. It comes with several modules displaying results and rankings, player profiles, statistics and a tipgame. See the demo and references over at my site...
  • My Biz Card
    This amazing PHP script uses MySQL to host business cards on your web site! Visitors to your site can instantly create business cards and customise them using colours and fonts! Features: Host business cards. Allow creators of business cards to change the colours of the card. Customisable homepage. Customisable templates. Available in .zip or .tar format.
  • Puzzle Apps CMS & AS - LGPL
    Puzzle Apps CMS & AS is a web site content management tool. It can save a lot of time for programmers or designers. This is more the CMS, it is development platform for web applications. His smart database structure gives him ability to take any kind of information. The flexibility of XSLT used for template engine is amazing! You can do anything you need! Puzzle Apps CMS & AS is Open-Sourced, LGPL'd software written with PHP. Currently this CMS supports MySql, SQLite and PostgreSQL. Note that you can run many websites and using only one database. You can find modules for image gallery, form2mail, caching, keywords replace, and more.

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