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  • AllMedia CGI - $800
    This script allows you to easily manage large groups of content such as Vivo, Mpg's, Avi's, Gif's, Jpg's, Text Files, and more. Simply upload the files and its online and ready to navigate.
  • Big Medium web content management system - Free Demo / $129
  • - Page Publisher - $99
  • - Article Manager - $269
  • AutoSites - From US$ 450
  • WebEdit Professional - $179.00
  • Quick Cookie÷
    Quick Cookie÷ will allow you to place, modify, display the contents of a cookie, or delete a cookie when a web surfer visits a targeted webpage. Cookie management can be used for promotional offers, coupons, to bypass membership login pages, offer fresh and dynamic content, Flash and other media management, or as a simple welcome back page. Quick Cookie÷ is a very versatile script and easy to install.
  • Admin Nether-Template
    Nether-Template is a Web Based Site Builder. It can take one template, and build all your pages from this one Template. Features include: Easy Setup, builds all files from Nethersoft's Server, Build your whole web site from 1 Template, Add, Delete, and Edit pages from an easy control pannel, Have serveral Templates, so you can build different pages from different Templates. You must know how to program HTML though, Easy update program so you can update the script from your web browser, You can make a directory in the Build Directory, Easily configure the program though the web browser, Backup your Templates and Pages, and Restore your Templates and Pages.
  • Yanno
    Yanno is a lightweight CMS written in perl, for anyone who wants an easy-to administer site. For added functionality, just browse the plugins other people like you have created, and install by simply dropping the file in the plugins directory! (Some may require configuration.) Without plugins, Yanno is virtually helpless, but with the default set of plugins, you can't turn down what it has to offer. The plugin interface is based on events. A plugin will set something to happen on a certain event, and when Yanno gets to that event, the actions registered are run, in prioritized order. Effectively, Yanno creates the functionality needed for plugins to control the program flow and dynamically add "tasks" virtually wherever they want. With this superior method, anything is possible with plugins. Some of Yanno's boasts: .edit editing (online editing); interpolation modifiable by (other) plugins; login/logout; visit logging; smart switchable template system; plugins never cause fatal errors; simple blogging functionality; google spidering email notification. When writing plugins, debugging is a joy with the debugging messages output and the deeper debugging output. Check out the site!
  • QuickPromote 2.0 - $12.95
    Whether you or your client edit your live website with FrontPage, Web Edit Pro, or any client/server WSYWIG editor, you or your client can add a simple level of review (of completed edits) with QuickPromote 2.0. Edit content in a staged folder, review and then promote the content to a live folder. QuickPromote 2.0 will resolve all link changes required, copy the content from the staging folder to the live folder. It's that easy, but includes advanced file filtering levels as well.
  • Sicomas - A Simple Content Management System - GPL
    Sicomas is a simple content management system for the web. It aims to be a small and useful tool, not the all-in-one solution for complex content management. Unlike other CMSs, Sicomas offers you a fast and convenient way to access and edit the very source of the page you are viewing.
  • Smart Archive
    Smart Archive will run a high quality file archive on your site. You can add files yourself or allow others to add files (and they will be given credit). You might have seen some sites with this type of archive before, now you can have one yourself! Smart Archive does more than any of these other archives: People can add files by giving the file URL or by uploading it to the site, thumbnails can also be linked or uploaded (useful for picture archives!), plenty of info can be displayed on the archive (file size, when it was added, who added it, etc.), and people can sort the files in many different ways. You can even let people add files to a "download list" so that they can download all the files at once, later, when they are ready (useful for people with slow internet connections). The most unique feature is that you can run your archive like an FTP server, requiring people to add files to it before they can download any! New in version 2.0: automatically check for dead links in your archive.
  • indexsoft Site-Up - 39.95USD
    indexsoft Site-UP is a multilingual web based file manager with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client and telnet or ssh access. Site-UP currently supports English, Dutch, Franch, Spanish and Russian languages.
  • - DocBuilder - $99
    DocBuilder makes it easy for users to manage online documentation on their website. Perfect for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks, online support documentation, etc. The script includes the following features; user manager for creating multiple user accounts, ability to create multiple documents and document groups, documents can be formatted in a hierarchal index, password protected login screen, advanced setup options to make it easy to customize the program, and the ability to customize the HTML templates to suit the look and feel of your website.
  • Article Architect
    Powerful, advanced and easy-to-use tool for news sites, online magazines, and nearly any site running a news or articles section. This software allows you to customize your article outlook, add and edit fields used in published pages. Multilevel user access rights, ability to upload photos and embed them into the article the way you wish, built-in online html editor. Articles get published on your site with a press of a button. The template-based engine allows webmasters to change the graphic design of published pages to suit desired site outlook, without any need to know the internals of the script.
  • Form Maker
    This unmatched product in the market allows your users to create nearly any online form thru web interface, without any need to know anything about CGI, HTTP protocol or other jargon that are unfamiliar to the regular user. Just compose a form with the pieces supplied, add validation rules for every field you need to be validated and order the form via either email or ftp. Define functionality of the form the easiest way possible - a ready-made form can either email you all the data filled by the user or write it directly into the database table you define. Easy, neat, functional.
  • ContRay
    ContRay is a professional PERL/CGI Content Management System (CMS) which is used for private, commercial and government web sites and portals of any size. ContRay was created by a well-known New Media Agency for their clients and is now available to the public.
  • Dynamic Page Creator
    This script makes it easy for Website owners to update their own pricelist and news pages from a browser. Updating the pages requires no technical ability. The updater simply accesses an admin page, chooses which page to update, makes the desired changes and then submits the changes. Set up is a breeze; this script does not need SSI. Your web site clients will appreciate the ease at which they can keep their pricelist and news pages updated. As a Web Designer you will appreciate the easy setup of the script and the avoidance of having to make minor changes to pages after a site is in place.
  • Doc Architect
    Powerful, advanced and easy-to-use tool for companies that want to publish and maintain their manuals, docs or faqs online. Compose a help tree via a web interface, add cross links between sections and adjust positions of each topic in a general contents schema. Publish with a press of a button.
  • Admin Nether-Template Pro
    This is the professional version of Nether-Template. It includes more features, and is designed for profit organizations. This version features: add variables for building your site, selective build, and more advanced file editing. Plus, with this version you get top priority support and first time free installation.

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