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Title ContRay
Platform linux,įwindows
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Website Visit Website of - ContRay
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description ContRay is a professional PERL/CGI Content Management System (CMS) which is used for private, commercial and government web sites and portals of any size. ContRay was created by a well-known New Media Agency for their clients and is now available to the public.


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Scripts Related to - ContRay

Script Name

Dynamic Page Creator

This script makes it easy for Website owners to update their own pricelist and news pages from a browser. Updating the pages requires no technical ability. The updater simply accesses an admin page, chooses which page to update, makes the desired changes and then submits the changes. Set up is a breeze; this script does not need SSI. Your web site clients will appreciate the ease at which they can keep their pricelist and news pages updated. As a Web Designer you will appreciate the easy setup of the script and the avoidance of having to make minor changes to pages after a site is in place.

Doc Architect

Powerful, advanced and easy-to-use tool for companies that want to publish and maintain their manuals, docs or faqs online. Compose a help tree via a web interface, add cross links between sections and adjust positions of each topic in a general contents schema. Publish with a press of a button.

Admin Nether-Template Pro

This is the professional version of Nether-Template. It includes more features, and is designed for profit organizations. This version features: add variables for building your site, selective build, and more advanced file editing. Plus, with this version you get top priority support and first time free installation.


SE-Page is an online web editing tool that allows you to instantly update your Web pages. From each page on the site you can immediately login and edit that same page in your own browser. Edit all text areas in any web page within seconds, with no need to view or know HTML codes (full HTML editing is also supported). The changes can be viewed immediately in the actual site. Editing is password protected. Very useful for web developers, clients and personal users.

Aardvark Catalog

Set up categories that are searchable, indexed and easily cross-referenced. Create unlimited data fields of any type then decide how you would like them displayed. Each category of data is independently configurable with its own fields, text and templates. You are not stuck with a one size fits all solution whether it's products for sale, documentation, FAQs, or any type-structured data, Aardvark Catalog can handle it.


Hibyte Integrated Backend Architecture website. It derives from our AutoSites program, making a powerful content management core system & an increasing range of special purpose modules, for building/extending individually built websites. The content management system can be used, both during site construction and at any time subsequently during editing, to develop site structure and add text, image and other content. Anyone with basic secretarial skills can develop and edit a HIBAsite.

Content Management

Do you need to update your web pages often? Updating your web page is as easy as filling in a form with your new text or HTML code and clicking a button. The program uses a template to put the information from the forms into your web page. The program will load the updated web page back to it's original sub directory or you may load the updated web page to another sub directory. A template can be easily made from your original web page. The program can store as many templates as you need. If you need a more powerful program that can also archive your web pages and articles try our Content Management Plus program. Come to our site and try both demos.

PVD News System

If you are a reporter or an author, you can easily cope with the program and efficiently use it for your work. PVDLab News Online interface is intuitively obvious, easy to understand and easy to use. To change your work from boring and exhausting work, the workspace is supplied with such graphic buttons as "edit header", "delete", "edit article", "send to editor's check". And if you are an editor, and you are snowed under with materials, you can use current state indicators, useful views and dynamic menu.

Ascripts Info Management System

AIMS enables you to display popup windows containing info like help to different topics on your website, additional info to certain resources or advertising messages to your visitors via image or text links. Setup the text and html you want to display in the popup windows and simply add a link to wherever you want your visitors to access this information on your page. You can create as many messages as you want.

Printerpage from Webmaint

Have you ever printed out a web page only to find that all the text down the right hand edge was missing? Webmaint Printerpage is a script which can turn your web pages into print friendly web pages. By adding a few html comments to your standard page templates, every page can be print friendly by using our script. Features: Make any page printer friendly; Include or exclude whatever parts of the page you like; Format your printer friendly pages the way you want. Written in Perl and requires Perl module LWP.

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