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Title Considering Different Browsers
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Content Management
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Description Many times it is necessary to consider the clients browser. Some things are not cross browser compliant. Some things look right in IE but are a little different in NS. The opposite is true as well. By looking at the USER AGENT we can do a little server side scripting to show what is needed depending on the browser. Here is how.


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This is a simple font customization sample that illustrates how to easily let your visitors pick whatever settings they prefer on your site. It covers the basic process of letting a user pick their settings, previewing the resulting effect, and then saving their configuration for future visits.

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This 2-page article describes how to create a Printer Friendly Page using Microsoft's XMLHTTP component along with regular expressions. It shows how to use XMLHTTP to perform an actual HTTP GET request for the page that you wish to display in a Printer Friendly format. Then, it utilizes regular expressions to pick out chunks of text that the Web page author has defined to not appear in the Printer Friendly format. A neat read highlighting the capabilities of the XMLHTTP component and regular expressions.

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Based on an HTML template file, this ASP sample code formats pages of a web site dynamically. It allows you to change the appearance, layout, fonts, colours and pagewidth throughout the whole site just by replacing one template file. It also allows you to display the same pages using different templates: printer friendly versions, small screens, handheld versions, webTV versions, search engine pages, etc.

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The author notes "Displaying content depending on what the current date value is a powerful and effective tool that adds value to any website. Whether it is to showcase a limited time offer, or to ˘automatically÷ update pages with new content while youĂre miles away." This example code repeats the process to three times to demonstrate the full effects of date dependent content.

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Web pages usually print pretty lousy. Typically, background colors are not displayed (unless you change the browser settings) and depending on site the width may be set much wider than the printer can handle on the horizontal for an 8 ó page. Providing a printer friendly format adds immeasurable value for your users. This example demonstrates how to strategically place a couple of simple tautologies that will display banners and other items in the typical or ˘default÷ view and allows a link back to the same page with a querystring value that will be used to suppress everything but the db output.

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This article discusses how the "Print this Page" option works. (The "Print this Page" option turns articles into a printer-friendly version, removing the menus, header graphics, and advertising.) If you are looking to add a printable version of your Web pages on your Web site, be sure to read this article.

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Automated content management is a must for many web sites. It's difficult to provide fresh new content without a standard automated system. This article discusses how to generate a general submission system, as well as how to manage the work flow, all with examples.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to assign custom errors to common problems that you may experience with your web site and create a centralized error page to display custom errors.

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Here, you will learn how to use VBScript and textfiles to make content on your site easy to update. All code is available.

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