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Title Connecting To A Database and Retrieving Results in 9 Easy Steps
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description Now everybody can connect to a database. Simple database access is a huge feature of ASP and one of the most widely used by developers but when you are first learning, itęs hard to separate the database stuff from the rest of the code so I made this example. I even removed the includes and everything.


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Scripts Related to - Connecting To A Database and Retrieving Results in 9 Easy Steps

Script Name

ADO, SQL, and data access tutorial

This is an introductory tutorial on ASP data access. It covers Connection Object, Command Object, and Recordset Object.

Accessing Database from ASP

This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to incorporate MS Access databases into your web site using ASP.

Editing and Updating Records in the Database

Complete tutorial on editing and updating records in the database. Each and every step explained in detail for ASP beginners. Both Connection and Recordset Objects discussed.

Adding Records to the Database

This is a complete tutorial on adding records to the database via ASP for beginners. Both Connection and Recordset Objects discussed. Also get an insight on 'insert' SQL statement.

Connections, Commands and Procedures

Connections, Commands and Procedures is a sample chapter from Professional Active Server Pages which discuss in depth all the issues related with establishing connection to a database to the carrying out of commands and procedures.

Working with ASP & MS Access

This is a nice simple tutorial on how to manipluate a MS Access database using ASP. It will teach you how to add, remove and modify data from an Access database as well as connecting and disconnecting to the database in ASP.

DSN-less MS Access connection

In order to connect to an Acees database with ASP through ODBC using a DSN file, you'll need to have full access to the server to create the DSN file, something that can be difficult if your site is hosted somewhere. This lesson will teach you an alternative connecton method, a DSN-less connection. As tests has shown, an DSN-less connection to Access gives you better performance. You can have up to 20-30 simultaneous users on the db without problems.

Simple Web-Database System Application

This article will show how to connect an Access database to your Active Server Pages using Microsoft FrontPage. This is a beginning-level article with plenty of screen shots to show how to connect via ODBC, generate a SQL query in Access and construct the Active Server Page.

Connecting to an Access database

This is a tutrial about connecting an Access database with ASP pages. It focuses on connecting Access with PWS 4.0 on a Win95 machine. You can use the same procedure on Win98. It also shows you how to create a database table in Access and how to retrieve it's content and display it through ASP.

Using ASP to create, edit, or delete information in a database.

This is a set of ASP examples/tutorials that demonstrate exactly how to use ASP with a database. Topics include: Using ADO To Add A New Record, Using ADO To Update An Existing Record, Using An Update Query To Modify An Existing Record, Using Delete Statement to Delete Records, Using A Select Statement (With A Loop), and ACCESS DATABASES ( DSN vs DSN-LESS).

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