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Title Computer Controlled RC Car Hack
Platform Linux
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Computer Controlled RC Car Hack
Category C & C++ » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
Hits 787
Description rccar.c is a C++ program that can be used to control a simple radio controlled car. UPDATE: check out the webpage url for new photos of the project, and a correct wiring diagram. This project is portable to any style remote control device. I used a $10 tiny matchbox sized RC car i got for christmas. The car is controlled through a printer cable. The software directly controls the voltage to 4 pins, providing forward, reverse, left, and right controls. Includes a simple wiring diagram.


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This scripts employs a single configuration file of allowable recipients and delivers email only to users specified by the maintainer using the mail or sendmail Unix programs.


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