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  • UnlimitedFTP Commander - 40
    UnlimitedFTP Commander is a full-fledged secure FTP client that works from the command line or a script file. UnlimitedFTP script files support all of the popular FTP commands to control the application. These include over 50 commands including login to a FTP server, change remote folders, update, replace or delete folders and files, as well as transfer files back and forth. UnlimitedFTPÆs script file can be invoked through a scheduling application to run at a predetermined time or an event trigger. This greatly helps to automate the operation of UnlimitedFTP Commander.
  • DirectFtp - Best Tool To Send Files - Freeware
    DirectFtp is a tool that help people to send and receive files over Internet securely, and to share the files on their computer with their family, friends, project teams, or someone else with whom they want to share files. There is no need to upload your files to a server (ftp server or web server) that is out of your control. You can keep your controls on your files and at the same time give others access to them. At the same time, you can access the files others want to share with you, and download them from their computers directly to yours. The download process is resumable, that means, you can continue your file download from the point where the download process broke down and you don't have to restart your file download from the scratch again. For your security and privacy reasons, all the data flow between DirectFtp nodes (computers running DirectFtp) is encrypted, no one can sniff or intercept your data on the fly.
  • JProxy - Free, Time Unlimited Trial
    JProxy is a thin J2EE client provider that delivers J2EE technology onto the client side with 100 KB client runtime. JProxy is App Server independent. On the server side JProxy is a Servlet and seamlessly integrates with most of Application Servers, such as JBoss, BEA Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, etc. It also integrates with Apache Axis and IONA Artix for thin client Web Services support. With JProxy you get: * Thin J2EE Client runtime; * HTTP / HTTPS Tunnel for JNDI, RMI, EJB, JMS and CORBA; * Asynchronous JMS over HTTP / HTTPS without polling; * Asynchronous Web Services (with Apache Axis); * Declarative remoting of arbitrary Java interfaces * J2EE Client automatic failover support; * Users access rights authentication and enforcement to a J2EE service with JAAS; * Application Server independence; * JVM independence. JProxy client runtime works in Suns and Microsoft JVM; * J2EE Client can access all J2EE services from standard secure
  • RFax - Free Trial/$45
    RFax is a java package that will send faxes to any group 3 facsimile machine. It uses Comm API and works with a class 1 , 2 or 2.0 fax modem. The version 1.1 can also receive faxes.
  • PeopleLink IM Server - Free (Limited Users); Paid for more
    PeopleLink IM Server is a robust Instant Message server that offers secure im, content logging, file transfers, and group chat. It is simple to set up and can run inside or outside your firewall. PLIM Server runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. It supports MSSQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases. The free version of the PLIM server allows ten concurrent users and is available for download.
  • SMSWriter - Freeware
    SMSWriter is the first SMS/Phonebook application which supports the whole 7 bit GSM alphabet including Greek letters. It supports multiple, flash and report messages as well as editing of phone directory. SMSWriter is written in Java using the Java Communication API (javax.comm) and requires at least Java 2 Standard Edition (JDK or JRE) version 1.2. This application has been tested successfully on Windows ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Linux, but it should also work on Solaris.
  • SLIC Browser-Irc Client
    An IRC client with IE embedded made for communication and web-page app interaction.
  • World Wide Instant Messenger - $249
    This program lets you run a customizable instant messaging system on your website. All colors, images, text can be modified right down to the menus and installer. It also supports AIM and MSN protocols as well. It comes with 10 different server options. The servers can run on anything from Windows to Unix to Mac. It can also optionally use MySQL. The two clients run on Windows platforms supporting either .NET with redistributable J# or the standard MS JVM that comes with windows.
  • Toejam - Free (GPL)
    TOEJAM is a Java Answering Machine. Using a Voice Modem as the base of an IVR system, it has been running 24x7 since Nov 2001 at my home handling phone calls and emailing the results. Currently can use US Robotics 56K Pro Msg, USR Sportster may work.

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