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  • Multi Router Traffic Grapher - MRTG
    The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing graphical images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. These graphs can be a great first step when network troubleshooting. Runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, and many other operating systems. Requirements are a PERL enabled OS, and a device or OS that supports SNMP.
  • Network Utilities - Free (GPL)
    This is a set of Perl scripts that utilizes the standard networking tools (ping, traceroute, nslookup, nmap, whois and dig) with most options and makes them available with the Webmin Look & Feel. It also gives an interface to Whois and it features an IP Subnet Calculator that calculates netmasks and gives you the smallest available netmask for a given number of hosts.
  • NET Utilities - Free (GPL)
    NET Utilities is a web interface that allows users to use the ping, traceroute, dig and dns lookup utilities for various tests and sys. checks.
  • IDIA (Perl) - Freeware
    IDIA creates a static way of communicating with computers which have been assigned dynamic IP addresses. In other words, idia makes it possible for the public to access your computer as a game, web, ftp, mail, or news server via one permanent internet address. This script is available for PHP and Perl completely free of license restrictions.
  • Networking Tools - Freeware
    This is a Perl script that allows you to ping, dnsquery, finger, nslookup, traceroute and whois a host. To view the source click on download and click on Home to execute the script and see the syntax (in english). This script automatically select the whois server for the TLD. This script is written with Dutch comment lines. A complete working example can be found on: <a href=></a>.
  • CGI-Telnet - Freeware
    CGI-Telnet allows you to execute commands on your Web Server. It is a useful tool if you don't have telnet/shell access to your server. It is very easy to install and configure. It runs on both Unix and Windows NT. Features include: File Transfers - Upload and Download Files, Command Timeouts - Automatically stop commands after the specified timeout period, Real-Time Output - See the output of commands as it is generated, Security - Login required for running commands, and Support for Automatic logout.
  • Webtools - Free Trial/$25
    Webtools is a suite of internet utilities including DNS Query, Finger, Host, NS Lookup, Ping, Traceroute, Whois (works with these 117 top level domains), Spamresolve, and HTTP.
  • CommandLiner - Free
    CommandLiner lets you execute UNIX shell commands within your browser. Without a Telnet account for your server. Includes predefined lookups of the paths to the most important programs on UNIX servers (WHOIS, Finger, Traceroute, Perl, compilers).
  • BIRDSEYE Network & Server Information Script - Free
    This rather simple script provides you and/or your readers the ability to run common diagnostic commands such as ping, finger, traceroute, & whois. It has built-in safeguards to prevent outside hacking attempts and runaway processes from happening.
  • The Commander - Free
    The Commander is a web-based UNIX shell interface. From a web browser, this script allows you to run UNIX commands on your web host server (depending on the permissions set by your server administrator). This is particularly useful if your domain hosting provider does not allow telnet access. Using this script may result in inadvertent deletion of very important files on your server. Use extreme caution.

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