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  • @1 Last Modified Date & Time - Free
    This Perl script checks the "Last Modified" date and time of a file. You can choose the display formats. SSI needed. It has a big advantage over other methods as it can be used to check on a file placed outside the root directory.
  • A Bit Like Clockwork - Free
    A Bit Like Clockwork is a simple little CGI application for displaying the current date and time to visitors of your web page. The time/date is called via SSI. You may set a server offset for both Daylight Savings Time, and Standard time. This program runs under use strict, and -w and does not contain any cargo-culted code that so many other programmers have copied from certain clock scripts and used in their own incarnation.
  • jbTime - linkware
    jbTime is a very easy to use cgi-script that displays your hosting server's time in as many ways as you can imagine on as many webpages as you want. It is fully customizable to even the font size, face, color, and you choose what to display.
  • DateTime - Free
    Instead of using Javascript that display time according to visitor computer's time, DateTime will display time based on your server. You can change the time according to your timezone. Require SSI capability to work.
  • CKGreet - GPL
    Welcome your visitors depending on the time of day. The greeting text can be modified and is inserted by SSI. German / English
  • Simple Clock - Freeware
    Insert this into a .pl or .cgi page (if your server allows PERL) and call the page through SSI.
  • Zoner - Freeware
    For many of us, when using SSI to echo the time with DATE_LOCAL, sometimes the time zone the server resides in is not the same time zone we reside in. This script adjusts the clock forwards or backwards by as many hours as you like, then echoes it on any web page of your choosing via SSI. It also shows time in 12 hour format with AM or PM attached.
  • TimeDisp - Freeware
    An SSI-based clock with configurable time formatting, time zones, etc. Can also display specific messages at certain times and/or dates (i.e., for holidays) along with the time.
  • G.Date - Freeware
    A simple script that offers an easy way to add the date to your webpages.
  • GetDate - Free (GPL)
    GetDate is a simple date program written in perl which allows you to display the date in one of six formats on your website. This program is used as a Server Side Include (SSI).
  • mojoTime - Free
    mojoTime is a fully customizable date and time script. It is language independent, and is not bound to any defined settings. It has unlimited settings. So you can just choose the best one for you. mojoTime can be used via SSI as well as JavaScript. SSI is not required.
  • Time - Freeware
    A simple script to display today's date and the current time on your Web page. The time format, colour and size are customizable. SSI is recommended. Available in English and Russian.
  • Day and Week - $10
    Display the current date, time zone (country) by text and the day by an image. Can adjust for difference in server time.
  • Show Time - Free
    This is a simple text-based clock. It features standard or military time. It requires Server Side Includes (SSI).
  • Timeit Pro - $5.99
    The Pro Edition of Timeit is a spin off from one of the most popular perl text clocks on the web. This edition will not only show your time and date, but allows you to show holidays, birthday greetings, welcome messages, news flashes, and more. Other features include, converting your day with images, and time greetings. The output of your time and date can be completely customized. This edition supports all languages and fully administrated through the web.
  • timeStamp - Free/$25
    timeStamp is a simple CGI script that is used to display the current date and time on a web page. SSI capability is required. It features: 12 display styles to choose from, and user defined font type and color.
  • ActualTime - Free
    If you're in a different time zone than your server is, you're probably sick of having your server's time posted to your scripts and web pages. Perhaps you're in the same time zone as your server, but don't like the formatting of the server's time. In any case, ActualTime from Bandley3 is for you. ActualTime is a time converter. All you have to do is specify how many hours behind or ahead of your server you are, and the script will convert the time and date accordingly. What's more, it will be displayed beautifully in the format you decide. ActualTime allows settings for up to 12 hours ahead or 11 hours behind your server time.
  • Net Beats - Free
    This script displays the current time in Swatch Internet Beats. It is meant to be Server Side Included into an html page. Details are right in the perl file. New with version 1.5 is the ability to display graphically or in text.
  • getdate2.cgi - Free
    This is a time difference script for determining time on your hometown with reference to where you site is hosted in. It allows you to synchronize the time of the server to your set time.
  • perlbeat - Free
    This Perl script allows you to insert a non-javascript, customizable beat-clock into your website. It requires fly or ImageMagick's 'montage'.

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