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  • World Clock - Free
    World Clock is java applet that shows the current time including daylight savings time in 74 major cities around the world.
  • AlarmClock
    This Java applet is a digital alarm clock with simple animation. Time and date are both displayed. Customizable parameters include: background image, border width / color, alarm audio, time audio, delay, panel style, clock location / motion step / font style / font color / font background color, date location / motion step / font style / font color / font background color, and alarm duration.
  • Webmatic Clock - Free with Webmatic package
    This applet can show an analog clock (with date) over any image, you can change the position, the dimension and the style of the clock.
  • JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock) - Free Trial / 15.00 EUR
    JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock) is both a digital clock and a time counter (countdown or countup display, to or from a particular time). JADC is browser-independent and highly-configurable Java applet, it could be easily customized with your own graphics and time format to achieve an unlimited variety of appearances and behaviors. This distribution include 255 images (17 different sets of digits).
  • Zmei Clock 2 - Free
    Zmei Clock 2 is java applet clock that have 4 diferent nice looking skins.Show date,time and user logo(title).
  • CountdownClock
    This is a configurable countdown clock implemented in Java. Simply provide the due time and your favorite fotn, and colors.
  • T-pack (bundle of time applets)
    T-pack includes a series of web-based time displaying programs (dac, PixCalendar, WallClock) that can be used to enhance your web site. These programs include comments in HTML examples for easy testing and installation. Use a web browser and open the main menu T-pack.html or open the HTML file in each subdirectory.
  • Zmei Digital Clock - Free
    Applet clock with original, cool design and some options.
  • DS FireClock
    This applet displays a burning clock in real time. Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text.The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.
  • 3D Digital Clock - Free for personal use
    Digital clock in pseudo-3D drawn from scratch using grass-roots AWT methods. compiled with jdk 1.0.
  • WallClock - Free for non-commerical use
    WallClock is a configurable wall clock implemented in Java. Supply your own image and specify the hand colors and lengths.
  • SwatchITime - Free
    The SwatchITime applet displays current time using Internet Time - a new international time format invented by Swatch. The SwatchITime applet automatically updates every second (or in user defined intervals) to symbolize a running clock. Furthermore, you'll be able to use it as a standard 'local time' clock.
  • Java World Clock - Free
    This Java clock shows the date and time in all 24 time zones simultaneously. You may select AM/PM display and/or Daylight Savings time if you wish. You may also select a time zone other than your own. Because this is a "client-side" application, its time accuracy depends on your computer.
  • Analog Clock - Free
    This applet implements an analog clock using graphics to draw a crude analog clockface. You can easily configure time zone, font color, frame color, background color, etc.
  • Digital Clock - Free
    This applet implements the digital clock, including specific drawing methods and parameter reading. The appearance of the clock (font, colors etc.) can easily be controlled through parameters.
  • JWatch - Free
    This is a simple text-based Java watch / clock. If you double-click on the clock, it opens up the alarm set up page. You can then set or reset the alarm by selecting hour and minute.

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