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  • WebSale TrackedÍ
    Use WebSale TrackedÍ to find the referring website for each website sale. WebSale TrackedÍ will even tell you which keywords were used if a sale results from the use of a search engine. Maximize your investment with companies such as Overture and Google Adwords and find out which keywords result in sales. WebSale TrackedÍ can be integrated with PayPal and other credit card processing companies and very simple to install. Use WebSale TrackedÍ to replace your affiliate program or catch the cheaters that take advantage of the inherent weakness of traditional affiliate programs.
  • FM Click Tracker - Free
    Ever wanted to know what link on your web site is clicked the most? Click Tracker allows you to count the amount of clicks received on links. It comes with an admin interface that displays the amount of clicks for each link with acompanying graph.
  • Sale TrackedÍ
    Sale TrackedÍ is very simple to install and an easy to use tool that will determine the website your visitor came from and notify you after the sale has been made. Sale TrackedÍ will even let you know which keywords were used if the sale resulted from a search engine. If you pay for web advertising, you can't afford not to use Sale TrackedÍ.
  • asRep: Google AdSense tracking script - Free Evaluation / $25.00
    asRep is the first tool to track the performance of AdSense ads you publish, from the inventors of AdSense tracking technology. asRep tracks the impressions and clicks of up to 3 AdSense ad units per page. Unlike the unpredictable Google reported stats lagging as much as 2 days, asRep reports in real-time. In addition, asRep shows the details of every individual impression and click, such as the exact date-time, your domain and page, the referring domain and page, the visitor IP and country, the URL of the clicked AdSense ad, the channel of the ad unit, and the ad unit formats and colors. Google does not provide you this much of information. Just imagine how important it is to know the URLs of the clicked ads, or to learn the performance of your individual domains and pages, or to discover your best referrers in terms of AdSense clicks. asRep is available in PHP and Perl. It uses an efficient and fast MySQL database back-end. Download your free Evaluation Version now!
  • SimplytheBest Clickthru Tracker - $34.95
    With this CGI program you can keep track of where your visitors are going. Which links they prefer and how many persons visit each link. The trial version allows for one page to be tracked. You can place any number of links on one page. For keeping track of an unlimited number of links on an unlimited number of pages you need to purchase the registered version. Features: click-thru tracking of all your outgoing links, keeps a log file of IP referrers, data, time, link clicked, referring page, generates a detailed report by referring page, number of clicks or IP addresses. It's easy to install and offers fully customizable HTML templates for reporting.
  • Ascripts Customer Tracking System
    ACTS is a sales tracking system that reveals who actually sends customers to you. See where your sales are coming from, which referers are bringing you relevant results. Easy to install. Works with every payment processor, shopping cart software or static offline-processing HTML page.
  • Ad Tracker Pro - 120
    Ad Tracker Pro is a comprehensive and powerful ad tracking system, complete with a built-in paypal integrated membership system. With AdTracker Pro, not only can you track advertisements and sales but you can also sell memberships with our software and earn profits with your own ad tracking business. AdTracker Pro is capable of tracking hits, click throughs, as well as an unlimited number of sales and actions. This software provides the most comprehensive statistics, on an unlimited number of campaigns and also features a split tester.
  • ExitSite - $19.95
    This program can be used to find out how many visitors you are sending to your affiliate web site or other parts of your site. Find out who, when and how many times someone has clicked on your link. The program is very easy to use. Put the link anywhere on your site and the program automatically adds this link into it's database. This software can be used on a Window or Unix server web site.
  • Ascripts Click Management System - Free
    ACMS counts the number of times a link has been clicked, i.e. a link to a page within your site, an external site, a download, an affiliate link or anything else. Analyze your link efficiency in your advertising campaigns. ACMS displays the number of times a link has been clicked on your web site in many ways. Simple to install, very easy and straightforward to use. It provides all stats necessary and it has plenty of powerful content output options at your disposal.
  • WarpReactor - GPL
    This script counts the number of times a link is clicked along with the date of the last click and user I.P. address. All click counts are displayed online for the site owner.
  • image or text counter - linkware
    jbCounter is a fully featured counter program that will count all visits to your site. You can use jbCounter to count all your pages on your site or anywhere individually. You can also turn page reloading on/off at will, or you can set it to count the page but does not display the counter, etc... jbCounter will work with SSI and has a unique JavaScript feature so that if your host doesn't support SSI, then you can access it with javascript.
  • Click N Log - Free
    Click N Log is a simple and effective logging tool to tell what your visitors are clicking on. It stores the date and the users IP number as well as the destination link.
  • Link Tracker - Free / $19.99
    Link Tracker is a professional link tracking system designed to give you control of your links both on and off your website. See who is sending you traffic and see who is clicking on your links! All you need to do is create a link in the admin area of the program and then use the special link it generates for you. This link will then keep track of how many times it is clicked and it will also keep a log of time, IP and referring page where the link was clicked from. This works great for when you pay for advertising on someone else's webpage. Now you can see how many clicks you get for your money!
  • TRACKtheCLICK - $25.00
    Tells you about number of clicks, time of clicks, referer and visitor information. Comes with a easy to navigate admin panel where you can add, delete, reset and edit present listings. Easy to install.
  • Click Manager - Free (GPL)
    This script can be used to count the number of times a link is clicked, be it a link to an outside site, a download, or anything else. It can also be used to display the number of times a link has been clicked on your site. It can display the number of times one, two, three, etc., or all of the links have been clicked, all added together. It's simple to install: just upload a few files, CHMOD, and it's done. No complicated forms to fill out. Detailed stats and graphs are easy to get to. If you want them to be private, you can make the stats password-protected.
  • Out Clicks - $25.00
    This is a simple way to count outgoing clicks to a single URL, from banners, images or text links. This script is not made for super high traffic numbers, but does a decent job of seeing what is being sent thru a specific link.
  • Meringue - Free (GPL)
    Track which links are clicked on your site with Meringue. Simple to set up and accurate. Counts internal or external links. Statistics table is also fully configurable, allowing the sorting and hiding/showing of all columns. Statistics can be exported. Ideal for click-thru tracking.
  • ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System - $147
    ProAnalyzer is a comprehensive and powerful ad tracking system, complete with a built in split tester It is capable of tracking hits, as well as an unlimited number of sales and actions. This system provides the most comprehensive statistics available, on an unlimited number of campaigns. ProAnalyzer is perfect for tracking PPC listings, e-zine advertising, classified ads, joint ventures, link exchanges, viral marketing tactics (ex. e-books), etc. No monthly fees, free installation, unlimited tech phone/email support, and no need for any special modules or mySQL databases, make this the perfect solution for your ad tracking needs.
  • Be_Download Counter - Free/$25
    Be_Download Counter tracks the number of times a file has been downloaded from your website. You may view all download statistics from the Be_Download Counter Show Logs Utility. Be_Download Counter is simple to set up and can be called with a simple HTML tag on any of your web pages.
  • Campaign Analyzer - Free/$49.95
    The script tracks efficiency of your ads by logging every unique visitor and his/her actions such as sale, trial or opt-in list sign-up etc. Using comprehensive reporting features you may learn where every hit came from and whether it resulted in a sale or sales lead. With this info at hands you will easily find out which ads are making you money and which ads are not. By reallocating your resources to fund successful campaigns and eliminating loosing ones you may boost your overall return on investment. Free Lite version available.

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