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Title ChitChat
Platform Unix, Linux
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - ChitChat
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 614
Description ChitChat is a message board/guestbook script that uses a text file instead of a database for ease of use. It can be set up as a daily, weekly or monthly board and has various web-based admin functions such as IP blocking, bad word filtering, emailing to admin, forward or reverse listing of messages and icons for each message.


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Scripts Related to - ChitChat

Script Name


mySQL-Guestbook is a highly flexible guestbook written in PHP that uses mySQL database. It is really easy to configure and it supports cookies to automatically fill in name and email fields.

FTLS PHP GuestBook

This is a guestbook program written in PHP that writes the guestbook entries directly to a HTML file.

Filebased Guestbook

This is a text file-based guestbook that doesn't use any database. It is solely written in PHP and should run anywhere. Feel free to adapt it to your design.


This is a PHP script which allows users to add and display their quotes on your Web site. It uses a mySQL database on backend for data handling. v1.2 adds: Ability to format page colors added, Removal of ability for users to choose number of entries displayed, Change of homefaire field to email, Gateway "welcome" page now obsolete, Added config file for easier installation, Added nicer formatting, Added new field "quoteID" to database schema to allow sorting entries by last one added, and Added error checking on Name and Quote required fields.

Powie's PHP Guestbook

Powie's PHP Guestbook is a PHP/MySQL-based guestbook application. It features: neat interface using several images, easy customization using footer and header, ICQ status support for guestbook writer if the field is entered, Web admin interface for managing guestbook entries, and more.


Bookie is a little guestbook program that does not use any SQL stuff so anyone with PHP access to use this script.

Le Livre d'Or

This is an PHP guestbook application that uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling. It features clean interface, set the number of entries per page, CSS style sheet-based layout customization, and more. This program is written in French.

Simple Forum

This is a couple of PHP scripts for allowing users to leave comments on your Web site. The main part of the program is the module, annotate.php that can be placed on any php3 page to allow users to add their comments. The comments are stored in a file in the current directory, whose name is constructed by adding ".comment" to the calling page's name, and merged into the calling page dynamically.

Gordo Guestbook

This is a simple guestbook script written in PHP that uses MySQL on backend. It features required field checking and redundant entry protection.

Mark Donchek's Guestbook (No Database Required)

Originally created by Daniel Williams, this modified guestbook program adds a number of new functionalities. Features include: A checkbox for the users' choice in format (HTML or No HTML), The ability for a user to preview their changes before submitting, A check box for a user to decide whether or not to see a preview, Blank submissions are blocked from submission, An error message has been added when trying to insert a blank submission into the submit page, The primary submit form has been separated from guestbook.php3 in order to help prevent against multiple submissions, and Various aesthetic changes.

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