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Title Check Form
Platform Unix, Win NT
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Check Form
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
Hits 760
Description Check Form is a form validation script that checks if all fields in the form have been filled out. The script can be easily extended.


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Scripts Related to - Check Form

Script Name

Form field Limiter

This script limits the amount of text a user can enter into particular INPUT or TEXTAREA elements, plus displays in real time the number of characters remaining.

Date Format Validator

This script validates the date that the user inputs for the following sample format: 23 Feb 1983

Highlight form element script

Increase the "intuitiveness" of filling out forms on your site with this script. It applies coloring to the form element in focus, better indicating which one the user is currently on.

Form Validator

This is a JavaScript Form validator. When you submit the form, it validates the data you entered in the various fields. You are allowed to enter only alphabetical characters in the "Name" field. You can enter only numerical data in the "Age" and "Zip" fields. You can also choose which fields are "required" by the user to be filled.

Date Validation and Format Correction Javascript

If you want to verify a date in a textbox just call the checkdate - function with the textbox name as parameter. The script tests the date and changes the date into the correct format. An US Date Format Version is now available.

qForms JavaScript API

qForms is a complete JavaScript API for interfacing forms. It will not only simplify your work, but will also give you the ability to create more complex form-based interaction. qForms was designed with everyone in mind¨from the complete JavaScript novice to the most sophisticated guru. In this session, weĂll cover all the basics of the API as well as how to create your own add-ons. qForms is an open-source JavaScript API released under the GNU LGPL.

JSpell JavaScript Spell Checker

JSpell Spell Checker - Now available, a pure JavaScript front-end for JSpell - Put a Spell Checker on your web page with only 10 lines of code that you cut and paste. Works with plain HTML, JSP, ASP, CGI generated web pages as well as Oracle Forms and Java. The only spell checker product designed exclusively for the web. Our HTML Spell Checker and our Java Spell Checker demos are online.

dateBox Javascript Object

dateBox is developed to easily work with date HTML form fields and represent a set of date fields as normal JavaScript Date object. The main part which set it apart is OOP. The script turned out to be weighty, but it is not a big problem as it is mainly intended to be used in web interfaces so user will have to download it only once. Main features: OOP structure; automatic recalculation of the day drop-down menu; correctly handles leap years; ablility to compose short and long dates; support for IE 5+ & NS 6+ (and other Gecko compatible browsers); and customization.

Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes

In forms when using check boxes for a list of records that is generated dynamically (example: display of messages in your yahoo or hotmail inbox) you might want a simple feature of checking or clearing all the check boxes related to those records before deleting or moving. Use this simple script to do just so.

Submit a form only once

This script demonstrates how to prevent your users from submitting the same form data multiple times. If the user click the submit button more than one once, it shows a small message that the form data has been already sent.

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