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Title ChatExpress
Platform Linux, Win NT
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - ChatExpress
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Chat Scripts
Hits 985
Description ChatExpress is a PHP/MySQL-based real-time chat application written in Spanish. It requires the following password to open up the zip file: CT4e11snEt04.


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Scripts Related to - ChatExpress

Script Name


SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks, which conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC). It's an API that handles all IRC protocol messages. This class is designed for creating IRC bots, chats and show irc related info on webpages. Changes in the new 0.5.5 version: Several important bugs were fixed, like unregistered timehandlers that are tried to be called. Most bugfixes were in the channel sync code. Minor features like checking for isOpped(), isVoiced() and isBanned() were added. Tracking of the channel key is now supported, and the reconnect() function takes advantage of it. Compatibilty with PHP 5.0.0b1 was tested.


dotBotPHP is an easy to use AIM client written in PHP that has been scaled down for simplicity. It uses the TOC protocal and can handle quite a few functions. It has its own documentation with a whole list of events and methods. It also uses an external module system that really is just another simple PHP file with instructions for the bot to follow. dotBotPHP also features an admin panel accessible right in AIM by IMing it.

RealTime chat

Realtime chat.flash&Php created chat.RealTime is available for commercial and private use .To use this chat there is no pasword or username required , just open the program enter a chat name and type in your message and click send.It's that simple to use ! There isnt any software to download or anything to install on your machine.This Chat also includes an E-mail program built in so you can send E-mail's! It also host's features like background color's can be easily changed to suit your mood ,also background picture's.RealTime is simple and easy to use.just upload 4 files to your server and start chatting.please contact us for pricing,life time updates.

CJ Tag Board

The CJ Tag Board is a quick and easy way of communicating with visitors to your website in real time. V3.0 brings what the fans want: IP Banning, Flood Control, Poster Details, Fully Customisable, Character Countdown, Enter to Submit, Smilies, UBB Code, Admin Interface, No MySQL! Bad Word Filter, Alternating Post Backgrounds, Reset Tag Feature, Report Post Feature, Post Notification, Auto Refresh, Tag Count Statistics, Tag Archive and more. This is a must have for any personal/fan based website!

PowerShout Mod/Hack for OxyShout

PowerShout is a modification or hack to OxyShout, a standalone shoutbox script, that adds many features to it. The features include integration with phpBB and Invision Board, password protection, ability to have guests, groups and users with prefixes and suffixes, add stars and change fonts of special users, change the flood time limit, enable/disable BBCode, URL verification, contact information, and debug messages, remember user's information with cookies, and prevent accidental spamming.

Kyles World Tagboard

This is the first version of the Kyles World Tagboard. It is very basic and easy to use. Features are very easy to add, and it also looks very proffessional. Also there is no MySQL required!

PhPFlashChat (Mix PhatChat & Krazynet Chat)

This is a new Flashchat that uses PHP scripts. (it is a mix of PhatChat & Krazynet station's chat) So let's call it an update. You don't have to need MySQL. The good thing of this script is that you also can use it on the free webservers, like Lycos for example. Enjoy this cool thing !

Wiser Bot

This is a complete IRC bot shell for use in making any type of IRC bot you wish. The script is ment to be only the bare-minimum that is needed to stay on IRC and log data. Modules are provided along side the bot that extend it's functionality to provide features such as quotes, games, networking abilities, etc. Modules are being developed as needed and there is also a full API availiable so you can create your own modules if you wish. <br /> Benifits: <ul> <li>Extenable</li> <li>Cross-platform</li> <li>Mysql Based</li> <li>DCC Connection support</li> <li>Changes take effect immediately.</li> </ul> And to be fair: Drawbacks: <ul> <li>Requires Mysql and a web server.</li> <li>Difficult, though not impossible, to run without command line access.</li> <li>DCC May not work with some hosts due to firewalls (Check with your hosting provider).</li> </ul>


Easy installation! Just upload, change permissions and start chatting. All you need is CGI/PHP access. Chat icons included. Very fast reload time. A seperate message archive to catch up on older posts. Up to 200 posts saved per archive page. 12 different chat colors + basic black. Non cluttered and seperated chat window. Auto refresh and even a manual refresh for those who think that 15 seconds is too long to wait. Audible sound alert to let you know when there is a refresh.

Purerage Chat/Tagbox

Chat/Tagbox, easy to setup and has great features. easy skinning, uses a mysql database to store the messages, and your have to see it to get a feel for the chat/tagbox

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