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  • ASP Shoutbox Build 6.13.2004 - Shareware
    This shoutbox have been updated with lots of new features. Auto Detect URL and emails in message and transform them into images/www. Can Add/Edit/Delete filters to replace unwanted words.Has admin area to manage shoutbox looks,passwords,alternating colors,words per message,Unban Ip's and much more. One of the Best. and it's FREE
  • SpitOutBox - free (see license)
    SpitOutBox is a very easy to use ASP script that serves as a guestbook/chat. Visitors at your site can quickly and easily leave a greeting or have small conversations. No database required. Anti spam function. Including full installation/configuration manual.
  • Natterchat
    New interface making it easier than ever to change rooms, pm, create rooms, send emoticons. Upgraded admin interface. New setup file making installation easier than ever.
  • ShoutBox! - US$39
    ShoutBox! is an asp chat application with a twist that once attached to your site will let your users talk and hold discussions between them while surfing your site. This chat app, doesn't require any 3rd party components, applets, plug-ins or databases, it's ready to run and easy to customize.
  • Maxtricity Tagger - Free!
    The Maxtricity Tagger is a small ASP script that includes 3 pages for use, an Access Database for data storage, and a folder of smiley images. With this script, users can post small messages on your website for other users to read and respond to. It includes an admin section to edit and delete messages. It is very easy to integrate into an existing user or admin system. Hope you enjoy it!
  • FlyLip Wesbsite Chat - 499.95
    All ASP & HTML coding, no ActiveX or Java, Supports in chat private messaging, Customizable logo and page titles,Bad word filter, User formatting of comments (bold, underline, italic, color) and Emoticons. Full source code included, No complex coding required, Simple setup, Requires IE 5.0, NS 6, Mozilla 1.4 or higher browsers
  • Flash chat scripts of messenger chat - 24
    Unlimited people can chat among each other on your site. asp / flash based can run on any windows / Unix (Unix with chillisoft installed). Provide your own IM based chat room on your site Visitors on your site can chat with other visitors by private messaging or chat in public room. You can host these scripts on shared windows hosting on windows 2000 or windows 2003 server. All files are uploaded on your server so you have complete privacy with no third party involved. Sound alerts in chat . Visitors can Turn On/Off alert sounds. Run on your server and see increase in regular traffic to your site. Are you a developer? fla can be purchased ask us. Fonts / colors can be controlled as per your / visitor desire from your configuration file and even on run time. Add your company name / logo. Use multiple language full free support Visitor doesn't need to download any software.
  • FlyLip Enterprise Instant Messenger - 999.95
    Enterprise Instant Messaging, Message archiving, IP filtering, Referer filtering, Corporate groups, Customizable user groups, Bad word filtering, Supports simutaneous converstions in multiple windows, User message formatting (bold, underline, italic, color), Emoticons, Full featured admin.
  • Provide live customer service on your site with flash chat scripts - 24
    Flash chat scripts of Live chat messenger. Unlimited visitors can chat with operator on your site. One operator can chat with unlimited visitors on your site. Provide live customer service on your site asp / flash based can run on any windows / Unix (Unix with chillisoft installed) No Database required. Live Help Desk software without database. very easy installation. Just upload the files and start. no server components needed no flickering page refreshes
  • Yabber - Free
    Yabber is a simple Web based chat application. It makes no claims to being overly spectacular or doing anything that other Web based chat applications can't do. Yabber started life as a project in which we wanted to store ASP (Active Server Pages) in a single DLL rather than in multiple text files (which can be fiddled by anyone). It grew out of curiosity (and boredom) rather than any real necessity to dazzle the computer world.
  • PortaChat 1.4 - Free
    This is a chat application, built with HTML, ASP, and a dash of client-side JavaScript. No software to install, no upgrades to download; a totally thin client. The key to making this so simple is the use of Application variables. Not only is data storage as simple as reading and writing from the Application() collection, but since everything on the server is in memory, processing is lightning-fast.
  • The Internet Now's MyShoutBox - Free
    A free ASP MyShoutBox supplied free of charge, complete with ASP code and databases. The MyShoutBox will be updated on a regular basis. The MyShoutBox is also xHTML and CSS compliant.
  • Pure ASP Chat Room - GPL
    No plug-ins, no databases, only requirement is that the code is ran on a server providing ASP support.
  • ASP Chat - Freeware
    ASP Chat is a Web based chat application with user friendly interface. It is easy to install just copy to your folder where you want to use it. No database and no components needed.
  • Lundlay ASP Script Chat - $69
    Lundlay ASP Script Chat is a complete plug-and-play chat application. Features: Fast, IP-address tracking, a ˘kick smb out of chat÷ function, multiple rooms, multilingual, CSS skins, private messages, easy customization. It requires no special server, no java and no plug-ins. No configuration required.
  • Toxiclab shoutbox - Freeware
    Simple asp shoutbox script.After first message your name is saved.
  • ASP Chat Application - Free
    This chat application is implemented entirely in ASP and is ready to run immediately. All you need to do is create a virtual directory for the application, and copy the files from the .zip file into that directory.
  • Cool Chat Lite - Freeware
    Cool Chat is a very basic version of the cool chat. It uses an access database and meta refresh to provide a simple chating interface. Future improvements include: Ability to send smilies, Ability to send private messages, Ability to block particular user.
  • Pro Chat - $99.95
    ASP Chat application that allows an unlimited number of rooms with moderators. Other features include: No Refresh, Ban Users, Foul Lanuage filter, Admin Screen, View/Print Conversations, Reports and more.
  • ConquerChat - Free
    ConquerChat is an HTML-based chat programmed using ASP. It features user list display, clean interface, optional cookie-based user tracking, multiple rooms and more. For it to run properly, you will need to modifiy your 'global.asa' file.

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