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Title Changing Pages
Platform Unix
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Changing Pages
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 587
Description Changing Pages is a web content management and manipulation application that allows updates to web sites to be made without the need of FTP or knowledge of HTML. It incorporates a multiple user account tiered Security Manager system, a Mailing List Manager and such extensions as multiple content views. Changing Pages uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling.


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Script Name


GoScript is a filehandler that generates an output based on layout files and a specified file. GoScript will load a target page, along with a header and footer. Version 2.0 adds: Web administration, image handling, increased security, and SSI support.


Spamdex is a Perl script that allows you to effortlessly create thousands of "doorway" or "ghost" pages for the Search Engines to your site. Eliminate the tedious process of hand creating special search engines pages. It features: Template based, Source code cloaking, Creates an index.htm page with links to all your new spoofed pages, Creates an ascii text file (one per line) of each new link, and Each page is created with a set of links to every other page.

Smoke & Mirrors

This Perl script allows you to duplicate your other websites or web pages transparently. It features: Allows for the full retrieval of remote websites, Preserves complete html structure of links and images, Replace function allow you to replace sections of html, and more.


Flipper is a Perl script that rotates any two web pages either fully automated by cron or the touch of a button. Features include: Great for rotating content, Allows you to test the effectiveness of new designs, Allows you to have two home pages, and more.

My Homepage Maker

My Homepage Maker is a Perl script that allows you to make a homepage of all your favorite links for fast surfing.

Image Temple for GKSaue (ITG)

ITG is a small example script for using HTML Templates in this case for thumbnail handling.


Cog is a themeable and modularised intranet homepage written in perl. The aim is to make almost every aspect configurable via the web interface to give the user the freedom of choice. Many users each with a separate configuration and password are supported. Applets such as search, todo, news and links are included along with several themes.


SimpleSite is a set of scripts to generate a complete website out of a data structure (defining the content) and a theme structure defining the look of the generated site. The goal of this is to give the website a consistent look while remaining easily maintainable at the same time. The nice thing is that all html code is generated beforehand, thus effectively eliminating the need of additional scripting facilities like PHP3 or ASP.


QDMerge is a Quick and Dirty Perl script that Merges text from a source document with a template to generate a unique output file that follows a specific design.


PMTS is a pure-perl solution for small websites who need dynamic html beyond what you can do with SSI files. PMTS requires no special permissions on a website beyond the ability to add a perl CGI program, and provides a powerful and extensible tool for expanding embedded tags in template files to produce dynamic content.

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