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Title Casthat
Platform Unix, Win NT
Price $19.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Casthat
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Fetching
Hits 577
Description Casthat is a Web-based news aggregator. It lets you syndicate the XML/RSS file to your own website on the fly. Casthat supports all version of RSS even if the RSS file is not valid.


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Scripts Related to - Casthat

Script Name


Bid Monkey is a command line tool, written in Perl, created to automatically place a bid on an eBay auction at the last minute. It will run in the foreground or background, and only requires basic information from the user, such as username, password, item number, and the maximum bid to place. Its most unique feature is that it will automatically determine the auction ending time. All you have to do is tell it how long before the end of the auction you would like to place your bid. Bid Monkey will work internationally ( for example) due to the fact that any item number can be viewed through any eBay site.


PageRipper allows you to fetch HTML from other web sites and using SSI place that HTML anywhere you wish on your site. No Perl/CGI knowledge required. Simply tell it the URL and the starting and ending HTML and upload for fresh content.


Quick and customizable tool for your web visitors to spider the links from a particular web page. Instantly see the page's meta - description and title. View other information about the server hosting the page. Customize the look and feel through a template.

BBC News retriever

BBC News retriever allows yout to display news headlines from any of the the BBC News portal sites (excluding foreign languages), e.g. UK, World, sport, politics, science etc. The latest version fixes a minor bug and introduces some new features: Form parsing using POST or GET (untainted data only); Multiple sites within the BBC News domain (excluding foreign language pages); Concise mode, i.e. no summaries; Target option lets you choose if a new browser window is opened; Specify the number of stories displayed; Optional templates for pop-up windows. Deatiled instructions and test script available.

HTML Stealer

HTML fetching script to grab source from other sites and use it on yours. Simple to use and set up. Only three variables to get started. Have constantly changing content on your site and keep the visitors coming back. Requires LWP:UserAgent module installed on your server.


EPIpage3 is a perl script that retrieves the five pics of the woman of the day. It supports http proxy.

Add Weather

Add Weather is an easy to use perl script that will allow you to display your local weather information to your website visitors. This program is an externally hosted program written to allow you to add up to the minute weather forecasting information to your website without any knowledge of programming. It includes a small daily forecast or a broader five day forecast that will allow a more in depth range of weather info.

NewsFetcher CGI

A CGI script to fetche news content from over 10 sources and place that content on your own site. All scripts are pre-configured.


NewsFinder is a set of Perl scripts for providing remote content integration with a website. News headlines from eight popular webfeeds are displayed on a page together with links to their stories. Automatic realtime updates. Viewers have complete control over format and content from the web page. Detailed instructions, easy installation.


Moresuitable allows you to intergrate targeted news content with complete control over news positioning, color, and font. More than 300 news categories available from Moreover.

Google Search


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