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  • server side countdown clock
    Just like countdown-clock.js, this script allows you to place countdown clocks on your web site. Unlike that one, whose computed time period depends on the settings of the visitor's computer, this script counts down to the server's date. It is very similar to countdown-clock.js, with the addition of a time differential factor: I use a mixture of JavaScript and ASP to find out the difference between the server and client dates, then I use that to synchronise things.
  • ASP Chimera Calendar & Task List software Totally Free - Freeware
    Chimera Scheduling Software is easy to use free asp based calendar task list software. The calendar is easy to install and supports ether an easy to use access database or MySQL database for backend data storage. If you are looking for software to allow yourself or your staff to manage their time quickly and efficiently on a web based application Chimera is the right FREE solution for you. The software also features other advance features like time reporting. Download and demo our software on our home page for free.
  • asp calendar
    calendar() displays a calendar page of the chosen month and year. The function takes a date string as its only parameter. For the current server date to be used, a null must be passed. This is the ASP version of calendar.php. It was a little harder to translate than php-calendar.php, due to the difference in the vbs date functions.
  • ASP Inline Calendar
    Full featured ASP application to keep track your calendar events. Complete with administrative control panel, you can easily keep track of you events and moderate events posted by users.
  • ASP Ground :: Calendars
    ASP Ground is Large Database website Listing Free Calendars scripts, asp tutorials,other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more .
    A professional addition to your site, perfect for your clients, customers, patients, or peers. This version features: login authentication for members and administrators, member registration with automatic email generation providing the member's password, a list of scheduled appointments for members with options for adding or deleting appointments, a daily table for administrators displaying all appointments and related details for the selected day, admin access to view or modify all records in the database, search and sort functions, password recovery, printable daily reports, and more.
  • Calendar MX Professional Made with Dreamweaver MX/2004 - 36.50$
    Html Esitor for writing events,Archiv,Month View,Week view ,Small calendar view ,Search events (Public and Private),Mail/Batch Mail 2 participants,Private and Public Events,Upload Files (no upload component required),Set Event Priority,Admin Section,Multiple CSS option,On adding/updating a event sent inform participants of the and lot more to discover. No upload component required, supports CDO, CDONTS, JMail, ASPMail or ASPEmail.
  • eReservation - Commercial
    eReservation is an ASP resource allocation/reservation software which is accessible by users on an intranet or internet. With the day, week and month calendar views and user friendly interface, users can reserve a resource such as a meeting room, hairdresser appointments, dinner reservations and much more within minutes from any computer. To reserve a resource a user simply clicks on an available resource at a particular time. Bookings can be recurring every day of week. Calendar is style sheet driven and easily integrates with an existing website. No setup required for Access database backend. Simply upload to a folder and presto.
  • ASP Web-Calendar/Datepicker
    This is an ASP-based calendar/datepicker application. It features: Server component, output is pure HTML, versatile configurable, full CSS support. Individual items such as days, weeks or months can be set as links. Supports many languages.
  • McClausky Calendar Control
    This ASP Calendar Control lets you pick a Date from a PopUp Calendar. You don't need no OCX files, or any client files. You don't need .NET. You just need a Web Server that supports ASP.
  • Calendar MX Professional Made with Dreamweaver MX/2004 - $36.50
    Html editor for Event description |Archiv | Registeration & login system|Month View & Week view |Small calendar view linked to events|Search events|Mail/Batch Mail| Mail new/updated events to all/ selected users |User Details|Private and Public Events|Retrieve forgotten Password|Upload Files| define/edit file types allowed to upload| Set Event Priority|Admin Section for Users|Super Admin section for Admin/ Owner | add/delete users online & lot more to discover. Easy to modify for Dreamweaver Users.
  • aspWebCalendar - $95
    Web based calendar that looks and feels like a desktop application. Full recurring event support, new email notifications, allow or not allow double booking, NEW printing interface, NEW color schemes, better LCID support and much more!
  • Digital Interchange - Calendar - $99.00
    This powerful application will help you to maintain a complete online database of events and event registrations. Easily manageable, this application is packed with features that can be used to completely automate your event management and planning. Comes complete with integration and spreadsheet export components.
  • ASPTools Date Picker Popup Calendar - $24.99
    The ASPTools DatePicker is an extremely versatile date selection calendar. Using CSS, it can be skinned to look however you wish. The DatePicker has many options, such as allowing/disallowing weekends to be selected, day format, mouseovers, etc..
  • Multi Calendars 2.5 - $115.00
    Unlimited number of calendars, each with separate logins, so your calendar managers don't need anything other than an online browser. Site visitors can see up-to-the-minute information, from only the calendars that affect their schedule. Each calendars has categories for events, 140 text colors, WYSIWYG editor, upload files, add images, customize email notifications, quick-add, mini popup calendars for date selection & templates. (Great for groups like schools or school divisions, communities or web hosts.) Source code, install, support & free future upgrade included.
  • Highway Calendar - Professional - 39.99
    Web based calendar with built in color selector for you to match it with your color schema. Add fun emoticons to events. Reporting, export to excel. Send Invitations. Add Multiple users with multiple access levels. Restrict views to logins only. Complete with Re-Occuring events. DSNless connection. Try it online before!
  • Highway Calendar - Standard - $19.99
    Web based calendar with built in color selector for you to match it with your color schema. Add fun emoticons to events. Reporting, export to excel. Complete with Re-Occuring events. DSNless connection. Try it online before!
  • FlatCalendarXP - Free Lite Edition
    FlatCalendarXP is arguably the most powerful and configurable JavaScript calendar available. There are very few, if any, things that other JavaScript calendars can do that FlatCalendarXP can not. You'll be amazed to see how simple and fast it is to get it generated by a calendar tag - YES! Only one tag* on your web page, no chaos, no mess-up. It features database-driven events/agendas, real cross-browser capability, extremely customizable UI, super easy-to-use design and a compact and fast JavaScript engine. It works perfectly with ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other web frameworks.
  • ASP Easy Calendar
    sorry not available anymore
  • Events Calendar - Free
    The event calendar has now been updated to allow multiple events per day, also these events can be categorised under unlimited categories. Administrators can add as many categories as they wish, when adding a new event simply choose which category the event belongs. Visitors to the calendar then can see all the events, or filter them depending on the category.

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