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Title CWD -- Programming Forums
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Category PHP » Online Communities
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Description So you're in need of some money, right CWD is a programming forum like no other I've seen. You can post tutorials or read them. You can make money or give away, possibly even trade your services with others or learn a new language. In programming there aren't any limits so we are exploiting that. We have the forum set us so that you can relate to ALL languages! Our catagories include not only Web Development, Software Development, Database Administation and Graphics Design, but also ANYTHING you want to see on there that is within the programming world will then be created as a new forum upon request. This is usually done immediately. You may ask for a new tutorial as well so that you can maximize your knowledge. Our theory is that if you help us grow, we will help you grow too. You are able to even spam the boards if you'd like in the S*P*A*M forum. (This will be empties every week.) The only thing we ask is that you keep the site clean. See the guidelines for more information. So if you are a novice or as far advanced as Linus Trovalds, just come on in and learn or teach.


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