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Title CSVbackup - Backup your database
Platform Unix / Win
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Website Visit Website of - CSVbackup - Backup your database
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
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Description Administrator tool to backup your CSV database online without FTP and downloading. The advanced version will allow you to restore and view the files. (CGI/Perl Unix)


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Scripts Related to - CSVbackup - Backup your database

Script Name


HiData is an instant self-generating database solution for websites, ideal for running a searchable database of stores, products, etc online. Includes online database management via simple to use browser interfaces. Cross platform compatible. Free installation and support if required.

@1 Personal Memoranda

Let your website users to submit their personal and business particulars to your searchable database. A record is only added to the database after it has been approved by the administrator. Automatic email notification upon submission, approval or rejection.

Free Ad Supported Services

Free Ad Supported Website Counters, Guestbooks, and more coming (Databases, etc.) Some Completely Free Stuff, too! Counters are rendered via javascript includes, so they should work almost anywhere on anyone's site. Guestbooks are via frames.

indexsoft mysql db dump manager pro

This perl the script will allow you simply as "one-two-three" to save and restore your MySQL databases. You can make backup copies of databases in the indicated directory of your hosting service provider, to load them on your computer, to unload them on the server and to control all unlimited backups you created of all unlimited databases.

Aborior's Simplex Database

A dynamic tool for developing web applications suiting the particular needs of your site. Interface with a flat-file, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database. Create forms, queries and reports to interact with your database. Work with a powerful HTML template system and add features such as password protection, IP banning, cookies, file uploads and downloads and a myriad of others. Backup, CSV file import/export and database conversion features available. Also make use of a variety of bundled applications such as a guestbook, forum, user poll, form mailer, mailing list and news manager, and get help from the community on making your own.


MySQLMan is a web based database manager. It allows you to perform common maintenance and administration tasks in Mysql. MySQLMan was based off of PHPmyadmin, but written in Perl. It allows you to do common tasks like: browse/create/drop databases, browse/search/create/drop/alter tables, import/export data, add/remove/alter table columns, and add/remove/alter table keys. Download a copy and try it.


mysqlwdb is a free (GPL) cgi script written in Perl5. Easy to configure and install, it is intended to manage MySQL database tables through a web interface. Just edit and configure one file.


DBDisplay is a database script that displays the contents of a flat-file, pipe delimited database file in a nicely formatted HTML table. The script handles up to 10 separate database files depending on the URL parameter values. The script is highly configurable and contains paging which allows you to specify the desired number of records per page you would like to view.

Database Backup Utility (MySQL)

This software optimizes all of your tables, in all of your databases, and then goes through each table to back it up into peices that can be dumped back into the database later on, if something unfortunate were to occur. The software gives you a visual view on the progress of the tables, and gives you information on the size of tables, and whether they were so large that the software deemed that they should be broken into small pieces. The best part is that the dump files are backed up onto your FTP server into a backup folder, and stored by date and file. That way, you may either download it onto your computer later, or leave it up as a backup incase something were to happen to your tables or your database.

DB Sorter Script

This is a database sorting script written in Perl. It is designed to alphabetically sort a database file which contains records and to remove all duplicates that exist in that file.

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