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Title CSV MySQL Converter
Platform Platform independent
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - CSV MySQL Converter
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
Hits 897
Description This script transfers the contents of a CSV file into a MySQL table. It can be run from a web browser, or used in a cron job and will only output a brief result. Upon error, mysql_error() is used to provide more precise information.


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Scripts Related to - CSV MySQL Converter

Script Name

PHP DocWriter

PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that generates simple StarOffice/ Writer documents. It builds the document following the file format specification so you don't need to have installed, though if installed this class can generate other document formats like MS Word, PDF, RTF, StarWriter, LaTeX, XHTML, HTML, etc. Currently supports pages, paragraphs, text styles, images, tables, text boxes, headers, footers and drawings among other things.

Cute PHP Library

Cute PHP library is a small collection of classes for PHP. The purpose of the classes is to simplify functions for daily work with PHP (e.g. convertions, formating, DB session, and so on).

XLS Reader Class

XLS Reader - PHP class that can read binary XLS files (MS Excel) using PHP only on all platforms. MS Excel or any additional PHP modules are not required. With this script you will be able to easily present your reports, price lists etc. on your web sites without any additional programming. Or you can extract data from XLS tables into some database like MySQL. The script is able to convert XLS files created by MS Excel to HTML tables, preserving almost all formatting properties (including date, time, numbers and currencies). This means that you can format the spreadsheet in Excel as you like it – using different font and cells formatting properties and the script will convert your XLS file into HTML as close as possible. The Class is very simple to use, as it has its own built-in excel2html converter, which allows you to convert either whole WorkBook (including all the WorkSheets) at once, or to get HTML code only for needed SpreadSheets only. There is a fullyfunctional on-line demo available on the script web-page.

PHP OO Multilevel Template System

A very fast and powerful object oriented template class with multi-level template parsing. Includes such features as blocks, includes, and loops with or without section for empty lists, fast variable and template substitution, sub-templates and much more.

ReportList Class

Designed to output lists or reports of data, typically directly from database query results, but also quite useful for quickly formatting generic array results for display. Features include record linking (i.e. the link for each row in the resulting list depends on the values of data within that row useful in drill-down style reporting systems), record pagination, column sorting, customizable list colors and styles, row highlighting, and downloading to delimited text files and XML.

PHP Content Feeder

ContentFeeder - A library used for assembling content feeds. RSS 2.0 is currently the only format supported, but can easily be extended to handle more.

Moebius PHP Library

The Moebius PHP Library is a project that concentrates on building a set of classes that wraps around the built-in php functions. It sets a Object Oriented Framework to work with PHP in Web Pages.

Config Manager

A set of PHP classes which can be used to manage (read, write, edit) plain text config files. If you write PHP scripts which require people to modify a config file with their own settings, this should hopefully make life a little easier. Supports: arrays and associative arrays, 4 basic variable types: string, integer, double and boolean, special characters when enclosed within double quotes: \n \r \t, editing of the config file through a web interface.

XLS Generator

XLS Generator is a PHP script, allowing to create binary XLS files using PHP. Using this script you will be able to create spreadsheets on UNIX systems, or on Windows – only PHP 4.x (or later) is required. XLS Generator has many features which will help you to make your generated spreadsheets look individual: font styles, border and color settings, background, foreground and border colors and styles, text orientation and in-cell alignment settings. You can even add formulas and Excel functions. Also supported : paper size, page orientation, printed margins, header and footer which can include page numbers. You can test the work of the script via fully funcional on-line demo, located on the script page.

RTF Generator Class

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. Using special mark-up language which is based on HTML, you will be able to describe all necessary formatting for your data. You will have total control over the final look of the RTF document, as the Generator supports almost all features you can find in MS Word when creating a document. With this tool you will be able to generate customized contracts, agreements, bills of sales using client provided information or information from database, including images. It can save huge amount of time on document preparation. The document is totally generated within a split second using the dynamic data. There is a fullyfunctional on-line demo available on the script web-page where you can test the script by yourself.

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