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Title CFMMaker
Platform Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
Price USD59.95
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Website Visit Website of - CFMMaker
Category CFML » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
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Description CFMMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of CFM (ColdFusion templates) quickly from your Data Source. Supported databases includes Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity. Using the generated CFM, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database easily on the Web. Generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. With CFMMaker, ColdFusion developers can build Web applications much faster than ever before.


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Scripts Related to - CFMMaker

Script Name

QuB CF :: Visual SQL Queries for Dreamweaver

For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, QuB is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation. Unlike other tools, QuB manages tables, relations and conditions for queries in your web browser. Features: --Integrated Dreamweaver Recordset support; --Ease of use; --Increased productivity; --Tight database integration; --Automate SQL query generation; --Visual Query Editing; --All Dreamweaver server models support (PHP, CFM, ASP, .NET, JSP); --Support for various database servers.

CFMyAdmin - MySQL Database Manager

CFMyAdmin is a ColdFusion based MySQL Database Manager with a familiar Windows User Interface. The whole application runs completely in the Web-Browser without any need for ActiveX Controls or Java Applets. The User Interface is completely DHTML Driven.


CFDJ Readers Choice Award winnning MyAccessAdmin provides a great way for developers to quickly set up a developer's administration section for any site using ColdFusion and Access. The original MyAccessAdmin provided a great way for developers to quickly set up a developer's admin by uploading MyAccessAdmin and configuring it via a browser by adding DSN's, tables, and keys. After this quick set up, data could be added, edited, and deleted. With version 2, you can do much more: Control access with simple built in security; Add, alter and drop tables remotely; Add and delete columns remotely; Sort data by column; Export data from to Excel or a flat file; and more.

Jblob: Access To Blob Fields from ColdFusion.

jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT platforms so jBLOB is universal and ultimate solution for ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects.


verveCFListRand is a ColdFusion Custom Tag that can be used to genertae a list of unique random numbers between (1) and (any number). You can then use the list to loop and output query results in random order. Typical use of this tag would be in you wanted to display the results of a query or list in random order every time your ColdFusion page loads.


Search by any DB field, return a predefined number of results, show the number of records found, show a [next] link to display the next set of records.

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