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Title CDS is an online planroom program for the Reprographics industry
Platform linux, windows
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Website Visit Website of - CDS is an online planroom program for the Reprographics industry
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Description Eplanholder's CDS solution offers the reprographics industry an affordable, fully featured online planroom that won't jeopardize document security or your budget. CDS's foundation is built with proven PHP coding and joined with a reliable MySQL database. This means that your users can easily access needed information, view drawings, create accounts and more simultaneously without fear of overloading the CDS platform. The online ordering system allows your clients to complete safe and secure credit card transactions with the ability to ship to multiple destinations. During the order process your clients will be able choose from a variety of print and media potions. This platform also makes CDS very customizable cosmetically and functionally. Use CDS as a stand-alone solution or customize the interface to seamlessly integrate into your existing web site. And when it comes to document security, what's better than to have your client's private documents and information residing on your in-house server or with hosting provider. The CDS solution is a great way for you to higher productivity & customer satisfaction without breaking a sweat. Thank you for taking the time to consider the CDS planroom as a possible solution for your business!


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