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Title CC_VER | Credit Card Verification
Platform Unix
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - CC_VER | Credit Card Verification
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » Credit Card Processing
Hits 914
Description CC_VER is an easy to use Perl Module that allows you to validate credit card numbers. This can be extremely useful when making your own shopping cart system, or allowing only people who have credit cards (thus somewhat ensuring the person is over 18) in certain parts of your site.


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Scripts Related to - CC_VER | Credit Card Verification

Script Name

Membership Maintenance/Billing System

Compatible with: CYBERCASH, ICVERIFY, MACAUTHORIZE & PCAUTHORIZE and MANUAL SWIPE/KEY-IN TERMINALS. This complex yet simple to use (point and click) system will control and maintain access to membership/time-limited access sites. Features include: Fully web based administration, automatic-expire of accounts, works flawlessly with .htaccess based authentication systems and others, provides ability to suspend user accounts, extend time, remove time, generate sales reports, email all members, etc.


IBILL Processor

IBILL Processor is a backend cgi system for integrating your membership site into any IBILL account(s). Its streamlined code is capable of delivering fast results on even the largest databases without the hassle of installing DBM modules. Capable of handling an unlimited arrary of WEB 900, RECURRING, NON-RECURRING billing schemes in a single installation. Automatically manages your password database and pincode files so you can focus on marketing and designing your site. Conventient protected administrative interface allows you to override the automation and add/delete users manually. Complex fraud scrubbing allows you to sleep safely as it is impossible to hack through our system with unauthorized access. It is also compatible with websites running multiple billing software such as DMR, ATS, etc. and has even more enhanced security features to block hackers.

Batch Credit Card Processing Engine

Batch processing engine allows you to process bulk credit card transactions via Simply upload your comma delimited text database and execute. It outputs results to comma delimited text databases compatible with popular spreadsheet programs such as microsoft XL and Access. Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB, and Online Checks.

PC Authorize Gateway

This is an automatic membership/administration program for passwords sites which interfaces into TELLAN'S pcauthorize hub. If you have your own merchant account, it allows you to interface directly into your bank and validate credit card real-time from pcaothorize. It also automates password databases for membership sites and includes all the Mastergate fraud-scrubbing and duplicate transaction blocking tools.


Cyberstash is an automatic security and billing system for pay sites, which directly interfaces into a cybercash merchant mall. You can run Cyberstash from your own cybercash server or a merchant account on a mall server. It also completely prevents your users from submitting duplicate orders causing chargeback chaos.

Mail-to & Credit Card

This script can be used for both a mail-to form and for taking credit card orders on-line. It can be used for secure transactions if you have access to a secure server. An email log saves all the email addresses and names of users that have emailed you via the form. The script features a preview screen so the user may check all their information before sending the order.


This is a Multi-User generic program for taking credit card orders on-line and having the customers order and information emailed to you. Two scripts are placed on the secure server at your ISP and those two scripts will process the data for all the users on your system. Included is Credit Card Verification. This checks the card number to make sure it is a valid card. The program comes with the Set-Up Wizard which makes it very easy for anyone to make a shopping cart/orderform. You can also include shipping charges and state taxes. This program is also fully compatible with SSL, and can be used with a secure server.


This is a generic program for taking credit cards on-line and having the customer information emailed to you. The card number is encripted using an algorythm. You supply a personal 10 digit code that is used in the algorythm for a truely unique, secure, and personal encription of the customer card number. The card number is de-crypted with a Windows« program, included in this package. This program is fully compatible with SSL, and can be used with a secure server.

Credit Card Verifier

This program verifies all 13 and 16 digit Visa Cards, 16 digit MasterCards, 16 digit Novus (Discover) cards, and 15 digit American Express cards. The program is to identify bad cards based on syntax errors, but not to verify that a card is good.

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