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Title CC Log
Platform Unix
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - CC Log
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 589
Description CC Log is a very simple logging script which logs the hits to a single web page. This script is typically useful for logging the hits to the main index page. It collect information like date and time of the hit, browser agent used by the visitor, host IP addresses, and HTTP referrer whenever available. The script logs everything on to an HTML log file which the user can easily view under any browser. This script requires SSI.


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Scripts Related to - CC Log

Script Name


Instead of giving hit counts (like most Web log analysis tools), Follow tracks 'User Sessions'. A User Session is one complete path that a user takes through your site; Follow will reconstruct it from the logfiles. Then, you have your choice of how to view the data. You can view sessions directly, on a Page-by-Page basis to reveal how a particular page is used, or in a Summary to highlight outstanding pages. By using the Page-by-Page and Summary views, you can determine how long users spend on a page, how they reach it, where they go from it and other statistics. This information can help you design a more usable Web site.


Hitman is a www based log analyzer that creates and updates easy to read statistical reports about who, what, when and how people are using your site. The reports that Hitman creates are: Time graphs to show you when the busy times of the day are for your site, Daily Access Statistics, organized by top domains, top users, and top web pages, Live statistics to show you who is connected RIGHT NOW, Link Statistics to tell you how people are finding your web page (UNIX only), User information reports to tell you what Operating system and Browser software your users are using (UNIX only), A full list of the days accesses, listed by time and user, so you can see how users are traversing your website, plus much more.

IP Logger

This program logs IP numbers and exact times of visitors to any page you place the small ssi tag on and displays the IP on the page itself. Great security feature for order forms to deter credit card fraud.


Radiation's incoming link analyzer, called LinkTrakker, reveals how users are finding your website, including banner bars they're clicking on, search engine phrases they're finding you under, and other links they're following to your site from across the web. Once one person has followed any such link to your site, you'll see it reflected in your LinkTrakker report, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your online promotional campaigns.


Hitmatic is a Website Hit Counter & Statistics system. By using HTML tags on your web pages, the system maintains detailed counts of hits to each page, day and month for a year. It also supports tracking groups of pages. When a browser loads one of these pages it expects to receive a graphic from the URL in the tag. Instead, the URL runs Hitmatic which counts and categorizes the hit, does some maintenance stuff and finally creates the graphic (an X-Bitmap) and outputs it to the browser.


StatsPlus is a statistics program that analyzes the traffic to your Web site. It provides you with your visitors information such as IP address, referer data, links to the referers, time and date, browser info and more.

Google Search


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