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Title C-Portal {Custom Portal}
Platform Windows (2K,ME, XP, Server 2003) / Linux
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description C-Portal {Custom Portal} is a content management system written in php that is a fork of the Postnuke CMS. C-Portal is able to store and access a wide variety of information on an sql database quickly and reliably with security being our highest priority. Standard features include: 1. Integrated forums (pnphpbb2) 2. Integrated shoutbox w/smilies 3. Download stats block 4. Stat Info block 5. Last seen/who is where block (seperate) 6. Sql tools to optimize and backup your database from the admin panel.


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Script Name


Bes-Mcmf is a state of the art PHP Application that uses Linux like permissions, Zope features and lots more. Currently has Online bug submission, 11 plug-ins, 8 modules & 5 Themes. Bes Mcmf uses a true tree style file-system structure. Bes-mcmf is no fork it has been designed by a designer to give total access to the website and developments with networked plug-ins & modules.

WebApp PHP

WebApp PHP is a simplified web automated portal and content management system utilizing a flat file database. WebApp PHP allows the use of HTML throughout your entire portal. Through a very simple admin panel, you can have complete control over the look and feel of your site. Mods such as news publishing and forum, all sorts of plugins available. Supports multiple languages. No SQL necessary. Licensed under the Kazaam Software Network.

Okphp CMS

Okphp CMS(Content Management System) depands on PHP&MYSQL, regarding articles&memebers system as principle, also providing a lot of other usefull functions for Website. Why choose Okphp CMS *Cache engine reduces loads to your WebHost. *AUTH system protects your website contents, opens to the particular customers. *Different Page can be set different Blocks (different in subject,content,appearance,styles..). *Codes, Web design and Page content are 100% separate. *A lot of usefull tools:GuestBook, Traffic Count, Poll, Logs.. *Choose to integrate with Okphp BBS


Pagetool is a web-based CMS that stores pages in a MySQL database. Pages are modified and media files uploaded via html forms. Main page options include: public/private setting; edit permissions on a group basis; HTML or PHP code; autohtml; a choice of header, sidebar and footer. The users can add news items, upload media files, create new users and new groups, change their password, and modify the site profile. The admin has access to plugin installation and the site database backup tool. The functionality of Pagetool is extended via plugins including site search, plus user, admin and plugin manuals. Ver 1.05 changes includes Pagetool working fully with register_globals off.

dotWidget CMS

dotWidget CMS is content management at its easiest. Update your site's content in real-time. Features include a built-in WYSIWYG text editor, multiple users and access levels, file uploader, customizable templates, site search and more. If your web server runs PHP and mySQL, you can easily install and configure dotWidget CMS and begin building your site's structure and adding content. All content management is done through the browser; no client-side software required.


File based PHP script for creating a poetry archive website. Also makes a good journal. Stable, with edit, browse, submit and delete functions. Themable via html wrapper files which are easy to make, and a central config file. This new version also has the "admin" type functions removed from the main index page, and put on a page of their own, for a less cluttered appearance.

WMS(Website Management Solution)

WMS is a website owners dream tool. Take control over your website in ways you have only hoped for. Control your page, users, content ,style sheet, meta tags, themes, graphics and security. Navigation is tied into the security login. System purchase includes configuration and a second theme Now you can buy the core system with or without expanded login. The expanded system now allows you to more easily support "groups" in you site. Groups can be companies, families, or any logical group of people. This can be "tweaked" to allow a group to be hierarchy or a seperate groups.


Created with the “My user/client wants to change his/her own content” in mind, this is a very simple content management system for what I call a “we’re here” type of business page. I built this with the idea that a PHP savvy admin will install this for his/her client, change some or all graphics (whether via the fields I’ve provided or the usual way: hacking at the code) and let their client add all the content themselves.

PHP Site Scheme Script

PHP Site Scheme is a script that will allow your users to switch between site "schemes" that you have pre-defined for your website. This script will only work if the user has cookies enabled. The script sets a cookie that will pass a variable back that will tell it which css file to use while the user is viewing your site. This means that all your users can see the same site, at the same time, with different colors and/or styles! If you know how to use external css files to style your site, then you will have no problem using this script! Please see the How-To and the Demo above for more information.

Digi.lite v1.0

Digi.Lite is a powerful solution of managing and creating web-sites: WYSIWYG - A powerful and as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word WYSIWYG editor freely creates and modifies pages of your website assuring professional quality. And with such features as spell check along with similar to MS Word interface you can really feel you use the text editor you are accustomed to. NO database required - it will work directly with your html files in any html format file and can be configured to recognise shtml, asp, php and other formats. You can stay with your customary browser as Digi.Lite supports not only the most commonly used Internet Explorer but Opera and Mozilla, too.

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