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Title Bot Buster
Platform Unix
Price $99.95/$149.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Bot Buster
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Security
Hits 617
Description Bot Buster is a set of CGI programs developed to help you control and protect your Multimedia rich and/or Members web site from hackers and abuse. Bot Buster will detect and stop Password Sharing (passwords shared among friends, password sites, etc), Bandwidth Stealing Bots (Teleport, PaqRat, Go!Zilla, etc) and password hacking (wwwhack, etc) and will save you in time, server resources, bandwidth and frustration. Bot Buster has an easy to use interface to view all activity on your site and all actions taken. Email notifications, members watch and much more.


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Scripts Related to - Bot Buster

Script Name

Horatio Content Protector

Horatio is a set of Perl scripts, HTML pages, JavaScript, and .htaccess files that work hard to allow only legitimate visitors to access your valuable content. Contains all the old tricks, and one or two new ones. Repels 99% of known Internet pests. Has interesting 'fun' and bonus features for the intelligent webmaster. Features: Stops bots, site rippers, leech programs, password hurlers, hot-linkers, cloaks HTML code, disables copy and print. Parts of it can be used independently from the rest of the package. Requires Apache Web server, Perl 5 and Server Side Includes.

Sekure JavaScript

Using an Anti-Leech method, this script allows you to protect as many .js files as you wish. The protected .js files can only work on the URL you specify. And if someone tried to download your protected .js file, they will only get an error script. Perfect for WebSites that like ultimate security. Works best with Pragma No-Cache.

UA Block (Perl Version)

This is the Perl version of UA Block, which allows you to block user-agents you specify in the file from accessing your website. Works great against e-mail harvesters, spiders that copy your website, etc.

Virtual Encrypter

Virtual Encrypter is a small script that will allow you to encrypt any message using a crypt key you set and then paste the encrypted text into form fileds or emails and then send it to a friend or family member and give them the decrypt code. They can paste the message into the decrypter along with the decrypt code and see what the message says in plain english. This script is customizable to fit right into your website.

Script Secure

Protect your existing scripts by checking the locations of the forms (referers) calling your scripts. If the forms are not located on your domain, the execution of the scripts will be terminated. Plug in to virtually any type of your existing scripts.

Password Hurler Protection

This is a simple to install cgi script that stops brute force attacks on password protected member areas using htaccess by limiting the number of failed authentication attempts (401 errors) by each unique user. Once the threshold is exceeded, hackers are banned from accessing the site and members are protected from having their passwords stolen. The program logs all attacks and the webmaster can optionally be notified by email whenever an attack occurs. Allows real time surveillance of all successful logins into the members area detailing the number of logins for each user.


HandySecured provides a solution to secure your web/database applications. Seamless encryption and digital signature for records of your database. Alert support (including SMS alerts to cell phones). Manual database startup after crash or shutdown, no passwords stored on disks or memory. Virtually no way to steal encrypted data.

GuardMe professional

GuardMe pro is a professional anti-leech program with many features. It makes it impossible for any websites other than those you specify to link to your images,files, or documents. So stop paying extra bandwidth charges, get GuardMe Pro today.

Bandwidth Bob

What this script does is make it so "unauthorized" websites can't use images on your server. This will reduce the ammount of bandwidth being "leeched" from you. This can be a very valuable tool for webmasters who have a limited amount of bandwidth on their server.

Master Theft Resister

Master Theft Resister is designed to resist theft of graphics from your web site. The Master Web Graphic Theft Resister Kit includes: Instructions for making browser "save image as" features unworkable for the graphic on your web page, and utilizing the META "no-cache" browser directive in your HTML source code, and Master Theft Resister, the script which dispenses your graphic only when authorized web pages ask for it.

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