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  • Bookmark Master - 19.95
    bookmark master can manage your favorites, keep your favorites organized,you can download the software free.BookMark Master is an easy-to-use tool to manage/edit/search/check favorite links in Microsoft Internet Explorer. BookMark Master allows you to check your favorite links with adjustable threads (Settings Panel). It has powerful searching functions, even allows you to search keywords among all favorite links directly on their webpages. With BookMark Master You can get very detailed info about your favorite link on Name, URL, Folder Path, Validity, Accessed Time, Connect Succeeded Time, Created Time, Connect Info, and Webpage Title. Bookmark Master Features... 1.Search keywords from IE Favorite Links 2.Check dead links in IE Favorites 3.Manage IE Favorite Links 4.Easy to use and beautiful interface.
  • Tobi's Live BookMarks Presenter - Free
    This Perl script allows you to convert a Netscape bookmarks file on the fly to a friendly webtree simulation. Netscape makes bookmark files only readable by the owner of the file. So for smooth operation, it is best to have suexec or cgiwrapper to execute tlbmp under the UID of the person who owns the netscape bookmarks file.
  • Stouk Bookmark Manager Lite - Free
    Add/Remove categories and links. Save styles and access them by a single click. Increase number of visitors to your site by giving them a free service - customized links manager. Simple installation. No database connection required. Use demo of this script as free online service yourself.
  • Export Favorites from IE5 - Freeware
    This is a simple script that allows you to export your Favorites folder into tempfile on webserver and show it in a popup window. This script works only on MSIE 5 or higher.
  • Stouk's Personal Bookmarks - Freeware
    Personal Bookmarks catalog allows you to keep your web links on a central server, adding and removing links and categories via the browser. When adding a link you can specify a title with an optional link description. It has a powerful and easy administration mode to change the look and style of your Personal Bookmarks Web page by changing colors, fonts, tables on the page and even uploading your own web templates.
  • Interactive Bookmarks - $19.95
    Interactive Bookmarks is a CGI program that allows you to provides an Interactive Bookmarks service. Users can store, annotate and arrange their bookmarks using multiple categorized folders. These categories are used to serve highly targetted banners based on currently selected folder's category. Categories and banners can be easily edited via admin script. Standalone script for servicing categorized banners at any page of your site also included.
  • Bookmarks from CGI biz - Free
    Allow your visitors to keep their bookmarks on your Web site and they will keep going back to it. With Bookmarks visitors will be able to store their bookmarks in a categorized list. Features include: Easy to Install and Use, Template Based Architecture, Administration Panel, Multi User Support, Instant List Editing, and Full Automation.
  • b. - Free (GPL)
    b. is a Web-based manager for Web bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts. It also allows a user to add his/her own new CSS stylesheets and new icons for bookmarks and folders.
  • BookMarkup - Free
    BookMarkUp allows you to convert all your bookmarks to a category-based database system which you can publish on the internet. It also comes with password protected admin where you can add new bookmarks right from your Web page.
  • bkmrkconv - Free
    bkmrkconv will convert a Netscape "bookmarks.html" file to into a series of pages of links which are more easily browsable. This is useful for browsing your bookmarks on a remote machine or just to automatically prettify your links. It features: Include output from commands (eg. random links etc.), Conditional inclusion of HTML blocks, Doesn't require CGI abilities or associated overheads, Manageable using Netscape with its bookmark editor and quick "Add Bookmark" feature, and Comprehensive internal data structure could be used for other forms of output if required.
  • Bookmark Converter (BM.PL) - Free
    BM.PL is a command-line script that will convert Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites into a Netscape Navigator Bookmark file. Of course, it will also convert Navigator Bookmarks into Explorer Favorites. You can also optionally sort bookmarks as they are converted and control how many folders deep you want to convert.
  • fav2html - Free
    This script will convert a windows 'favorites' file into a handy HTML bookmarks file that can then be added to your web pages.
  • BookMarker - Free
    BookMarker is a Perl script which converts Netscape bookmark files into a Yahoo-like tree of web pages. This allows you to use your web browser as a link manager for your links.
  • bmarkcgi - Free
    bmarkcgi is a CGI program to allow you to publish your Netscape bookmarks on a Web site. It allows you to publish your bookmarks in a controlled way. You can choose how the output is formatted, whether to have more than one file, and which bookmarks are private. Features include: Bullets, Header, Footer, You can split the output into multiple files, and If a line in the bookmarks file contains the text "PRIVATE", it is skipped, so it doesn't appear in the output.
  • bmark - Free
    This is a variation of bmarkcgi, which creates separate Web pages from your Netscape bookmarks file. The difference is that this creates individual files to be transferred to your Web site, while bmarkcgi creates the appropriate Web page dynamically when requested by the user.
  • booksort - Free
    This script sorts a Netscape bookmark file alphabetically. By default, the sorting is case-insensitive. The bookmark file to sort is read from standard input. The sorted version is written to standard output.

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