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Title Board Plus
Platform Linux,Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Board Plus
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Discussion Boards
Hits 669
Description Easy to install and run. Design of the board page is fully editable, you may also translate it to your language. Features: Easy installation; Design is fully adjustable; Password protected admin area; You can delete any message; You can select US or European time format; Ability to ban some words; Configuration by a web form.


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Scripts Related to - Board Plus

Script Name


FunkBoard is a free, full-featured, multi-thread, highly customisable, open-source bulletin board messaging system. Unlimited topics and messages, Private topics, private mail, avatars (both ready made and user uploadable), email when your message gets a reply, bad language filter and lots more features. It uses the powerful PHP language and either MySQL or PostgreSQL database.


UnknownForums is an advanced Bulletin Board, with many popular and even some origional functions. UnknownForums is fully customizable through a secure web-based control center with many features.

Tuvai Bulletin Board

Tuvai Bulletin board is a growing Bulletin board, the first version has just been released but the project is still very active. While making the TBB, I mostly payed attention to user friendlyness and usage. The data usage is minimal and there is not more data used than necesary, which makes it fast. :) Improved versions coming up soon enough! Version 1.2 available! Check our website for more information about new additions, and for the upgrade patch.

RedKernel V.S. (Very Secure) Forum

RedKernel V.S. (Very Secure) Forum is a file based forum. It is very secure, very powerful and optimized for referencing. It write static Html pages so it do not need a powerful server and can handle a lot of traffic even on a slow server.


Netzbrett is a Web board / forum system written in PHP3/4 that can use flat text files, mysql or the PHP 4 db object (Interbase, MSQL, MSSQL, mySQL, Oracle 8, ODBC, PostgresSQL, Storage, Sybase) for data handling. The forum includes a simple Admin mode, which enables modifying and deletion of entries by the admin. It also includes a print view. The program is avaliable in English, German, Italian, Chinese (Taiwan) and many other languages. You can show the dates as C.A., B.E or Thai.


edgeBoard is a quick, full featured, highly customizable flatfile bb. Unlike other flatfile boards, edgeBoard is faster and more efficient. All it requires is PHP and a webserver. edgeBoard incorperates a admincp and IAI (Integrated Admin Interface). With the introduction of Genesis many features have been added and is the most stable of all EdgeBoard releases to date.


If there are defined only one category then forum shows automatically postings from this category, else if there are more categories then shows categories list, then postings list etc. There are users-system: user, moderator and admin, good admin-interface (even backup-system [tar/gzip]), multilingual etc..


CoolForum is a PHP/MySQL-driven discussion board program. It includes Web admin, moderation, templates, and more.

The Alienhelpdesk BB

The alienhelpdesk BB is a small BB that doesn't have half the functions the big BB's out there have. It's kept simple/manageable and does the job. Members can edit/delete their own messages. You can edit/delete all & manage the BB from the administrator's section. No mysql support needed. No css forms used. It's only PHP and html. New in evolution 2: adds more functionality, security, and tracking features.


VenomBoard is a Full-featured web-discussion forum written entirely in php and html. Current version features: No graphics to load, making the load times for messages fast, Full administrative functionality (including specifying the amount of HTML allowed in posts, host blocking), and ability to show hostname/IP of posters. This particular forum uses MySQL as it's database backend, although the software could easily be adapted to work with other databases.

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