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Title BioMail
Platform Unix
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Vertical Markets
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Description BioMail is a small web-based application for medical researchers and biologists. It is written to automate searching for recent scientific papers in the PubMed Medline database. Periodically BioMail does a user-customized Medline search and sends all matching articles recently added to Medline to the users' e-mail address. HTML-formatted e-mails generated by BioMail can be used to show selected references in medline format, which is compatible with EndNote reference manager.


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Script Name


HoMaC, stands for Hosting Management Console, is a set of Perl/PHP scripts designed to administer hundred or thousand of virtual web hosts using apache. It is designed for use into a Unix or NT Web Farm, where technical people don't have time to create the web sites for the customers, or wish to allow other people with out have to give them the "root" or "administrator" account of the servers. HoMaC uses a MySQL database to centralize administering all the Web hosting accounts.


stockSet is a stock quote engine and a portfolio manager in one, which you can use to provide comprehensive financial content and service on your site. The Portfolio Manager features Simple View, Detailed view, and Easy to use interface. The Stock Quote Information Page features: Price information, stockSet Message Investigator for the selected stock, stockSet news investigator, etc., Easy to set up, customizable. In addition, you can easily customize all of these features using templates for your web pages.


Freeside is an open-source billing and account administration package for Internet Service Providers. Features include: Uses Perl's DBI allowing use of almost any database backend to store data (PostgreSQL or MySQL recommended), Web-based interface, Track customers by reseller/agent, Limit the packages a particular agent or class of agents may sell, Tax rates customizable by state and locale, Works with ICRADIUS or Radiator to authenticate directly from SQL databases, Virtual domain support, and more.


H-Sphere is a complete system for automating the day to day tasks of web hosting. H-Sphere saves you valuable management time by automating such time-consuming aspects of web-hosting as account creation, resource allocation and billing. H-Sphere provides a simple, easy to use web interface that allows your technical staff to do maintenance work from any computer with an internet connection. H-Sphere is written fully using the Perl scripting language, and it works with any SQL-compliant database. In addition, H-Sphere comes with WebShell v2.2, an easy to use web-based front end for Unix file management, which lets your users manipulate their files right from their browsers.



MedLink is a CGI Medical database and analysis program. Ideal for any medical sites; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites! Easy to use database allows you to enter symptoms, diagnosis names and the URL that corresponds to the diagnosis. The URL can be an HTML file, a text file, a specific site, a downloadable file, etc. The possibilities and uses are almost endless. Also includes a cardiovascular risk assessment module (registered), an ideal weight module and a lifespan calculator. Each is called from a web page so use any or all that you want.

Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom is a suite of full-featured auto listing scripts designed for new and used car dealers. It allows a dealer to self-publish and maintain up-to-date auto listings on the internet using any ISP. It's a complete solution for dealers of any size. Main features include: Built-in payment calculator, "Memory bank" that lets tour clients mark their favorite autos, Intuitive web-based administration where you can add, delete, and modify listing, HTML-based templates and Photo Upload.

Donor Directory

Donor Directory is a script for sperm and egg donor organizations that want to ability for couples to view donor information online in a secure online environment. Each couple is assigned a user id and password that allows them to browse the online catalog maintained by an organization. Each user id also has a specified expiration date. Organizations can add/modify/delete profiles and photos via a web browser.

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