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Title Billow Chat
Platform n/a
Price $50-$150
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Billow Chat
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Chat Scripts
Hits 595
Description Billow Chat is a Web chat program that largerly reduces the usage on the CPU from the server and the data exchanged between users and server. It includes many features such as User profile, IRC like commands, Personal interface, personal configuture, Private messages and room, Ban IP/ID/Roomname, Filter messages, Room control, Font control and more.


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Scripts Related to - Billow Chat

Script Name


WebChat is a real-time chat application that allows a number of people on the World Wide Web to talk to one another simultaneously. The ability to chat on the Web can be a quick way to hold a "virtual meeting". Users can choose how many messages to display, set automatic refresh rate (in seconds) and chat with or without Frames.


This is a real-time database driven HTML chat program that doesn't require any special plugins. Major features are: An HTMLized Chat Interface with four different performace levels (No-Frames, Framed Javascriptless, Framed, and Streaming/RealTime), Complete User Registration Services, Complete Operator Access Features allowing those with access to kick, ban, and devoice troublemakers in the chatroom, Built-in support for Private-Rooms, Private Messages, and a PostOffice program and much more.

Zone Coaster's Chat Pro

Chat Pro includes all the features of Chat version 2.00 plus: Ability for script to clear chat rooms after specified period of inactivity, Ability for users to change chat rooms without going through logon procedure again, Support for browsing other chat rooms from within one room, Support for private chat rooms with guestlists and multiple administrators, Secondary administrators have control only over the rooms to which they have been granted administrative powers and more.

RZ Chat

RZ Chat is a totally new, innovative chat system solution for your web site. It incorporates some of the latest new Internet technologies to ensure ease of use and functionality. Some of its main features include: Private rooms, Automatically remove "Dead" users from the who's online list after one or two minutes of inactivity, Ability to specify whether to use "nicknames" or first names/last names for the login form, Fully chat logging capabilities, Ability to send private messages to users, Multiple chat-channel support and more.


WWWChat is a perl cgi program for web chating. Users can create a room, but only the owners can kick someone. The owners can give the ownership to another users. It uses the client-pull method.


Web based chat similar to AOL. Members login with a unique username. The chat server offers members the ability to create their own public or private rooms. Each room displays a list of people in the room. Members may send private messages to anyone in the room or whisper to a member privately by selecting their name from the CHANNEL menu. Members may create room. After creating a new room a member may choose to be public or private thus turning the room into a public or private chat area.


EveryChat is the premiere perl CGI chat script specifically designed to work on every browser! It requires absolutely no special software on the client side and doesn't require any plug-ins. The goal of EveryChat is to remove unnecessary features such as private messages and large login screens to create a fast, professional chat environment. It also features auto-updating frames, non-frames based operation, multiple rooms and remote hosting capability.

The Scripts Home's WWWChat

WWWChat allows your users to chat interactively with each other on yourweb site. It's easy to set up and allows you to have as many users in a room as possible. The script is very small and fast. It won't hog system resources when many attempt to enter the system.


A modified enhanced version of Matt Hahnfled's EveryChat script with improved features including Framefree autorefresh mode, Optional cookie support to store user's nickname and text color, Enhanced private message system, Banned words support, Private Rooms, Chat Log and more.

Active Relay Chat

ARC is CGI script for organizing your own WWW-IRC gateway on your site. Visitors can connect to IRC servers and chat with IRC-people on channels, defined by administrator. Users can use most standart IRC commands such as /msg, /notice, /action, /mode, /kick, /whois, /topic, /nick, /quit etc. Help option will help new users to learn about IRC commands.

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