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  • QuikOrder - GPL (Copyright Must Stay Intact)
    By specifying a particular URL, the user can order different products, services, quantities, et cetera. The URL is provided by the salesman. This works great for companies that give personal price quotes unique to a certain user, and also works wonderful for people with set prices, products, and fees.
  • 2ndSite Online Billing Service
    Secure web based invoicing service w/ online payment. User friendly features include recurring billing, employee timesheets, project management, document sharing, reporting tools and a support/ticketing system to help keep track of client issues. You can also fully customize the look of your system and your invoice template. Ideal for freelancers, design firms, independent contractors, small & medium sized businesses. Easily add payment plugins like PayPal, VeriSign, Authorize.Net, Electracash, PSiGate or Paradata. A custom login page can be created to match the look of your company website so staff and clients feel at home when logging in. Popular new features include automated aging notifications, direct link invoice viewing, invoice search & invoice disputing.
  • AgileBill Billing System
    Agileco's billing application for the SME is a stand-alone, web-based billing application that completely automates EBPP (electronic bill presentment and payment), subscription management, automated invoicing, recurring billing, account management, reporting, and newsletters. AgileBill supports unlimited themes, languages, and currencies. Supports over 30 payment processors for full order and invoice automation. Agileco's Content Protection solution enables content and service providers with various tools to lock down their online content and/or services, effectively limiting access and routing user registration and authentication through the AgileBill billing application. A database mapping module enables integration with forum, CMS, and other popular applications. Also features optional affiliate, ticket management, web hosting provisioning, and domain name registration modules. Free downloadable trial version available.
  • PHP Invoice - 175.95
    PHP Invoice is a PHP/MySQL-based account and automated invoice management program. It supports automated billing through Paysystems, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Paypal, and custom payment gateway. Features: Customers can login and update their billing info & password, Ability to send out payment due notices to overdue accounts, Ability to add accounts manually, Supports for payments by credit cards & checks, Ability to activate, deactivate, email, or delete multiple accounts from one form, tax, pro-rated and many more
  • CTCI.INFO.BANK + LiveSales/ Point of Sales for OSCommerce - 1.6x NEW - 9,95 US$
    Have a live P.O.S. (point of sales) solution for your current OSCommerce shopping cart. Type in products and product discriptions manually as well as you may start to search for products out of your OSCommerc online shop by query. <b> Purchase version 1.6x (secured and multilingual) now for only US$/EUR 9.95!</b>
  • PHP iManager - $159
    The PHP iManager is a PHP/MySQL-based invoice management program. It includes a user-friendly backend to keep track of one-time and repeated charges. Originally created for a web hosting company, it has been made for general invoicing and customer management. Also included in this package, is a mail program to send out newsletter to your clients, backup, prev/next links, client-login. <b>New in 2.0:</b> Major GUI improvement, sorting, PDF invoices, email invoices, CPanel integration, more webhoting features, online payment (2checkout, paypal, moneybookers++).
  • Payment Processing Script - 49.99
    This script is rich with features, not only from the customers side, but the admin side, start your own Paypal type Business, and become the next number one payment processing service, with features like.. Fund deposits, let your users withdraw money, for a growing list of merchants, including paypal, stormpay, 2checkout and many others, Show transaction details, IPN Service for your customers, Alow your customers to place subscription or Buy it now buttons on there website, all comes with a powerful admin interface and user interface.. We are the sole resellers and writers of this script.. and we update it very often.. also Hosting service for this script can be arranged, and install.. PLEASE make sure you visit us to see a growing list of features.
  • BillThru Recurring Billing Solution - Free Trial
    BillThru is a web-based, turn-key application, that works in combination with the Authorize Net payment gateway to provide a powerful billing solution for companies in need of subscription and/or installment recurring billing capabilities.
  • SimpleData - $99.99
    Featuring complete customer and vendor functionality, SimpleData can manage your sales and inventory all from the convenience of a web browser. Using this unique web based system allows you to connect your satellite offices together all under one system. Making it possible for your sales teams to operate from nearly any location. SimpleData can manage all your invoices, quotes, purchases, inventory, rma's, sales lead tickets, serial numbers and requests for quotes. Plus offers the ability to track all payments and balances on purchases and orders. It also features email and mailing list campaign management that can be imported into other programs. All reports or forms can than be printed or emailed right from your web browser.
  • HYIP Script only $60
    Professional High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) where you and your investors can make smart money via e-currency payment services such as or You can manage different investment plans: daily, weekly, monthly, straight deposit, referal, and some others. Built on PHP/MySQL, all available x.xRM versions allow you to Pay By One Click (Mass Payment) using cURL secure engine. 2.6RM version or higher includes Turing robot to protect your site from frauds as well as Multilanguage feature and additional investing modules, the only disadvantage is that you have to translate English texts into your language yourself because we have no ready-built translation so far.
  • DOPAYS.COM - The new universal payment system
    DOPAYS.COM is the better software solution to start your own PayPal, StormPay, SolarPay or e-gold type of online business. The DOPAYS software is a system where members can buy virtual credits to spend at in the different members' sites. Members can use their accounts to send money to other members, they can pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just a email address. 100% bug free and secure script can work through SSL. Admin area will provide you information about all transactions.
  • OrbitHyip script - suitable for hyip club or major banking institution - $295
    OrbitHyip is extremely powerful, suitable for hyip club or major banking institution.Features: full unlimited payout plans, integration with E-gold/IntGold/EvoCash/E-Bullion,automated deposits/withdrawals, admin controlled payouts, different payment levels for varying deposits, advanced referral system with multiple options, full investment/referral/compounding/withdrawal history, complete history and tracking stats, internal transfers, full management ofusers, newsletter,forum and more...
  • 2Checkout Payment Management - 29.95
    2Checkout lets you build support for accepting payments via You simply pass the order amount and invoice number to this script and it constructs the proper URL and redirects the visitor to the 2Checkout site. Also included is a basic sample "post-back" script which 2Checkout will post transaction notifications to! Features: - Accept credit cards on your website - Appear more professional and gain customers - Utilizes the TwoCheckout system - Includes "post-back" script - Upload two files and you're ready to go! - No SSL, cURL, or libcurl required
  • AlstraSoft EPay Pro (Start Your Own Paypal Business) - 240
    EPay Pro is the ultimate solution for those who wish to run their own Paypal or Stormpay type of online business. Epay Pro is a system where customers buy digital credits to spend at different users' sites. People can use their accounts to send money to other users, they can pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just a email address. Features: Works just like the popular PayPal payment processing network , SSL enabled, Supports automated recurring billing, Fully template driven allowing you to create a brandable site, Ability to ban/block user IP, Allow customers to fund their account with the competitors (PayPal, E-Gold, NetPay, Evocash, Qchex), Built-in referral program, Members can start their own subscription or donation services, Admin control panel.
  • X-AOM (advanced order management) - $27.75
    X-AOM introduces capability to modify orders after they are placed by customers. This is useful when customer have some special requests on the order, for replacing items that are out of stock or defective, partial refunds or returns. Module features: add/remove items from the order, edit parameters of the order, change delivery method, change pricing, discounts, shipping and more.
  • Sysbotz Enterprise Platform - $199.99
    The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform is a DHTML based web solution that brings a new level to web based PHP applications. It features a report and form engine with built-in forms for Sales, Inventory, Customer, Vendor, and Purchase management. It features 19 pre-programmed reports and can be easily upgraded with more features as your business grows. For more information see our site.
  • PaymentPal - 29.95
    PaymentPal lets you accept PayPal transactions through your website automatically. Through PayPal's unique Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system, the included "post-back" script will be accessed by PayPal to let you know the status of a transaction. This enables you to take PayPal payments to the next level by automatically activating member accounts, delivering electronic products, etc. without having to manually log into PayPal to accept payments. All you do is add the code you want to be executed according to the transaction status and it will be automated! Features - Accept payments on your website - Appear more professional and gain customers - Utilizes the popular PayPal system - Includes "post-back" script - Upload two files and you're ready to go!
  • VeriSignup - 29.95
    VeriSignup allows you to integrate Verisign's PayFlowLink credit card processing functionality right into your own website! Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to Verisign in the background. Your customer never has to leave your site. VeriSignup is provided as a function which is intended to be included within your existing script. It accepts the transaction data (customer's details, order amount, description, and invoice number) as arguments, sends the transaction details to the VeriSign gateway, and returns a response code. You then test the response code to determine whether or not the transaction was successful. Features - Accept credit cards on your website - Appear more professional and gain customers - Utilizes Verisign's PayFlowLink system - Fully automated and in the background - Upload one file and you're ready to go! - Instantly know whether a transaction was approved or declined
  • Net-Business - Commercial
    Remotely Hosted, data backups and tech hassles managed for you, work from any Computer with an Internet Browser, Manage Customer Accounts, Manufacturers Info, Vendors, Products/Items, Orders, Customer Catalog, Real-time Stock, Products Serial Numbers, R.M.A., Purchases, Accounting, Employees, Marketing, Banking, Shipping Information, Reports, and much more... all integrated with one Customer Frontend for Dynamic Content Generation; with Net-Business you will work more productively, from anywhere, anytime.
  • A Plus Bill - 49.00
    A Plus Bill is an online invoicing system and help desk with auto billing and auto due notice capability via cron jobs . It includes a user-friendly backend to keep track of clients and repeated charges. It is created for web hosting companies, ISP providers, general invoicing and customer management. Admin can search, add, edit and delete clients, client's files and invoices. When creating a new invoice, admin can email a copy of invoice to customer. With Built in Mailing list, admin can send bulk-mails or newsletters to all or selected customers. Client may search their own activities and view or print purchase and payment invoices.

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