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Title Beautifier: Flexible Syntax Highlighter
Platform PHP, Perl
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Beautifier: Flexible Syntax Highlighter
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Utilities
Hits 543
Description Beautifier uses configuration files to highlight source code. It currently supports Pascal, Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and Perl (amongst others), and handles comments, keywords, strings, indentation, and keyword harvesting (from comments and strings). Now also available in Perl modules.


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Script Name


iniread is a PHP script that reads in values from a PHP 'ini' file and displays them in a form. In PHP it is common to include a file in every page to set common values. There is no special format to this file, just a variable name, its value, and an optional comment. This script will let you edit variable values and comments. It will then regenerate the PHP code. Useful for letting non-programmer admins edit values when you dont want to use a database. <b>Version 20010823 Update:</b> iniread now supports dividers and comments using iniread variables.


PHPsh is a very simple tool to make PHP sourcecode Highlighted and save it in HTML (for Boards, Communities for example). Written in German.

PHP Form Wizard

The PHP Form Wizard is a dynamic form generation program intended to improve the productivity. It uses MySql and PHP4 on Linux platform. The generated scripts can be used to insert, update, delete, navigate, and search the current table in the database. Extensive form validation can be implemented on the inputs. All possible types of inputs are supported. The generated forms can be used dynamically or can be ported to other applications. Update (2001-05-01): This version corrects the windows and linux files mixed up in the previous distribution.


phpcvs is a php OO implentation of perl cvsweb with a cvslib and templates. A working example can be found at <a href=""></a> This progam is part of the project.

CaractŮres Sp┌ciaux

This is a module for translating special characters: Of ASCII in HTML, Or HTML in encoding URL. French: Module de traduction des caractŮres sp┌ciaux. De ASCII en HTML, Ou de HTML en encodage URL.


asp2php is a set of C programs that allows you to convert ASP to PHP script. This will basically copy myfile.asp into a file called myfile.php3. It will rename links that have .asp in them to .php3. It will also rename links that have .htm in them to .html.


STPhp is a PHP-based string translation suite designed as a simple internationalization tool to work without requiring non-standard dependencies; only the core of php3 is required, which means STPhp can be easily used in places where you, the code creator or installer, do not have control over the php binaries or configuration. STPhp is designed with a simple architecture, allowing you to store your translations in the manner you choose, so as to provide the highest possible performance with the lowest possible maintenance overhead. STPhp functions by externalizing the messages from your application, storing them until your application requests them.


HTML2PHP is a simple (Very Simple) perl script to take an html file and convert it for use with PHP It makes all the HTML code to print statements.


Ide.php is a web-based editor for PHP, and any server-side scripting like SSI, ASP, JSP, SSJS, even CGI. It offers a rapid prototyping environment, letting the user test and save snippets of code with minimal overhead. Whether an experienced programmer or a novice, there is often a need to try out smaller pieces of code during program development. Ide.php makes this very easy. Ide.php eliminates the need to use several separate programs (text editor, FTP program and web browser) for PHP development, since all work is done directly through the browser. This helps to shorten development time, and is also very helpful when learning to program with PHP. Ide.php requires PHP version 4 or higher.


PHP_Fourier is a PHP script that computes the FFT of a complex array. The size of the array must be an integer power of 2. This script is a direct port of the algorithm used in Numerical Recipies in C.

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