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Title Basic Form Validation
Platform n/a
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Basic Form Validation
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
Hits 1202
Description The simplest way to require visitors to fill out certain fields is to us this script - just add the word "required" to each required field's name and your visitor must fill it out to submit the form!


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Scripts Related to - Basic Form Validation

Script Name

Chained Selects

Chained Selects lets you "chain" multiple form select lists together so that the selection in a "parent" list can tailor the options available in a "child" list. Supports callback function and multiple-choice selection lists

Auto-complete type-ahead dropdown menu

A simple Javascript that adds auto-complete (alternatively called type-ahead/tracing/find-as-you-type) effect to dropdown menus displayed in Internet Explorer. In IE, when user press "MA" in a drop down menu, IE will first select the first option starting with "M", then select the first option starting with "A", giving user "AK" while user actually wanted "MA" for massachusetts. Using this script, user will get MA if M and A are consecutively typed (if user type M, then after a while A, user will still be taken to AK as an intended behavior). Comments in script is provided so that one can customize to determine how fast user has to type to get MA not M, A. Currently only IE is supported as dropdown menu in Mozilla Firefox already has this smart behavior. Other browser could be added if requested.

js Input Masking Script

This script allows to control user input by specifing a mask for it. Test system set up at download URL for you to see if the script is what you are looking for.

Select Menu 3 ... Switch at will

Group and split your long option list into some short sub-lists and switch between them with ease.


FormCheck is a JavaScript form validation and control library. With FormCheck, it's possible to check user inputs without writig a line of JavaScript code. Library includes type,length, max, min value control and can validate ip, date, e-mail address, text and numbers. It uses object attributes via Browser DOM.

Form Guard

Easy-to-use functions to check credit card, email address, phone, username, date, date range, number, decimal and number range.

TextBox Scroller

Create a cool textbox scroller (easily adapted to any other form elements) in seconds!


This scripts creates a simple validation to forms. Validation is not strict, but neat and as simple as 3 lines of code. Javascript file contains a brief usage description and commented code.

jsVal: JavaScript Form validation framework

jsVal is a JavaScript program used for validating HTML Forms on the client side. This allows HTML forms to be validated in the browser without having to send a request to a sever (PHP, ASP, Perl...). jsVals saves you from having to write complicated validations on server side as well as helping you avoid having to rebuild and repopulate the form when validation fails. The advantage versus other client side HTML form validators is the ease of use and flexibility you'll gain. jsVal fits the needs for most HTML Forms, and can be also easily be integrated with existing HTML Forms.


cr:Combobox is a pure DHTML Combobox Behavior control for Internet Explorer 6. It features blazingly fast loading, autocomplete, autosuggest and multiple styles like Windows Classic, Windows XP, and Office XP. It is 100% client based thus server independant. Its very easy to use and comes with lots of examples.

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