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Title BannerEX
Platform Win NT, Unix
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Exchanges » Banner Exchange
Hits 617
Description BannerEX is a full featured banner exchange system that will let people automatically set up banners in your database. It uses JavaScript to insert the banner into other members html and not SSI so it makes everything that much easier for you and your members. The script runs on a credit system that will keep statistics for each of your members to view. Admin pages for listing, adding, removing, and editing accounts. No SSI Required.


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Scripts Related to - BannerEX

Script Name


PopupEX is a banner exchange script that pops up a seperate window at the bottom of your screen and displays a banner from another member of your exchange. Keeps detailed Stats and No SSI Required.

AD Center 2000 NG

New generation of banner exchange programs. Has advanced targeting, multibanner support, multilanguage support, smart cheat analyzing system. Supports rich media ads, ability to install modules for popup, text, swimbanner, startup exchanges. Also counter and mailists modules available. Software has backup functions, scheduled email stats option and integrated help system (with FAQ/Knowledge base system).


WebAdverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a "banner exchange" between your site and others. Banners can be displayed either through SSI calls or via standard IMG tags. Multiple "zones" can be established, allowing certain banners to appear only on certain pages. It keeps track of exposures and click-thrus for each banner. Banners can be "weighted" to control how often they are displayed, and can automatically be expired after a designated number of exposures, click-thrus or days. Individual banners can be of any size and don't all have to be consistent; WebAdverts can keep track of the height and width, as well as of the ALT and link texts, for each banner individually.

Bennie Webdesign Banner Exchange

This script allows you to setup and manage your own banner exchange. Members can earn credits by linking to your site. You can easily manage the banners by an administration interface. You can delete and pause banners as well give banners unlimited credits. Other features include: E-mail address logging, Automated account confirmation by e-mail, Automated password recovery for users, Easy send e-mail to all member by administration interface, Users can earn credits by showing your banner on their site, Installation Support, and Script will be delivered on CD-Rom.

BanEx Gold

BanEx Gold allows you to start your very own professional and real banner exchange. Main features include: Customizable ratios, database powered, unlimited members, user-statistics, animated GIF banner support, uploading banner through web, Local Clickthru tracking, broadcasting message to members' panels, an user-friendly administration tool and much more.


BannerMan is is a full-featured banner management script that works using either Server-Side Includes (SSI) or Image (IMG SRC) tags. BannerMan has three selection modes: random, exchange, and rated. Exchange selection mode is designed to allow BannerMan to manage a banner exchange program. Random mode randomizes banners and is designed to be easy and maintenance free. Rated Mode is designed specifically to allow the maximum control possible in setting the selection rates for specific accounts and is particularly well suited for banner programs on commercial sites which need to have defined multi-tiered selection rates.

Google Search


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