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Title Bangkok Post News
Platform Unix
Price $50.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Bangkok Post News
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Fetching
Hits 611
Description This is a Perl script that grabs the latest news from Bangkok Post (Thailand) English newspaper and displays it in a web page via SSI (or as a new page - directly linked to the script).


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Scripts Related to - Bangkok Post News

Script Name

BBCNews Fetcher

BBCNews Fetcher is a Perl script that fetches the latest news from the Arabic BBC news page and gives you options to format your news. Options include the ability to choose the number of news you want, the number of news you want with descriptions, weither or not to display the images that accompany the first three news items. The script also have an option to make it output pure java script to be directly inserted into your home page without the need for any server side technologies like SSI or PHP using only one HTML tag.

Sin Chew (Malaysia) Chinese News Headlines

This CGI script lets you extract the local and international Chinese news headlines from Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper (Malaysia) and display them on your web page.

KLSE (Malaysia) Live!

Display live KLSE stock summary on your web page. To make the stock summary more stable, this program is separated into two scripts.

Malaysia Foreign Exchange

This is a CGI script that allows you to extract the forex info from The Star newspaper (Malaysia) and display them on your web page.

The Star (Malaysia) Headlines !

A CGI script for extracting the news headlines from The Star newspaper (Malaysia) and displaying them on your web page.


NortelNews is a news grabber for Corporate news released by Nortel Networks. Update it once a day or even more often to keep interesting dynamic content on your web site. Its in perl. It is not a CGI but could be converted very easily.

The Quote Cache Random Quote Viewer

The Random Quote Viewer works with our own Quote Cache ( its archive of hundreds of literary quotes. It fetches an XML document containing a random quote, changes it to HTML and writes it to your site. The quote can be placed on any page of your site using a Server Side Include. As the Quote Cache grows with the number of quotes it houses, so to will the number of quotes available to your viewer.

News Clipper

News Clipper is an application which allows you to integrate information from around the internet into your own personal web page - in your own personal style. It accomplishes this by snipping content from pages that you define and shipping them to destination pages of your design. This automated process is executed at your discretion while you maintain complete control over the content input and output. News Clipper can be used to retrieve information from web pages, Usenet articles, text files on the internet, FTP sites and has the ability to locate hidden text within html pages that wouldn't normally be viewable. You may choose to extend News Clipper to include information stored locally, enabling an intranet integration of an enterprise's own database of information. In addition, News Clipper's unique Handler architecture ensures versatility and future compatibility with the ever-changing World Wide Web.


SmartDejaPoster is a Perl script for posting (submitting) messages to To be launched locally. All necessary configurations available. Deja forum list included. Script manual included in the download set.


Just type the URL of the page you want to extract links from and LinkXtor will get the links for you. Choose the links you want to keep and they will automatically be saved to a fully customizable links page. Or, if you have SSI, you can use the SSI command to put the links into any page on your site.

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