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Title Bak2Top
Platform IE4+, NN4+, Mozilla 1+
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Bak2Top
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Links and Buttons
Hits 682
Description Save yourself all the trouble of building those "back to top" links all over your page and have a floating version instead. When your page is scrolled the link appears and it's always at the bottom of the browser window and always links to the top of your page. When your page is at the top, the link disappears until the page is scrolled again. <b>v1.3 Update :</b> Changed the way the link worked to remove a bug which stopped animated gifs from animating after the link was clicked. Also made it easier to modify the script.


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Script Name

Rollover background-image button

A script that applies a background image to any form button as the mouse moves over it.

Rollover background-color button

A script that makes any form button change background color as the mouse moves over it.

DHTML Tip Message

A DHTML tip message to help describe important links when the mouse moves over them. It is extremely versatile in its placement and special effects to render as the tooltip is being displayed.

Flashing links script

Use this link to give any link(s) on your page "flash", by automatically changing its text or background color. A great way to draw attention to important links on your page.

CSS Rollover Buttons

Lets change the look of old design awful buttons. and make a mouse over effect here

SearchBliss Dynamic Buttons Generator

Create dynamic buttons easily using this web design tool. Generate buttons with mouse over, mouse off and mouse down effects. Use our Dynamic Buttons Generator or add it to your site for free.

Glowing Effect Image Link

This is a very special way to highlight all your images and thumbnails with a color glow that starts when you roll the mouse over the image.

Fill in effect with link & sound

A very cool, original way to highlight an image when you roll the mouse over it. This simply colors the missing part of the image... cool enough. In this version, you can add a sound & link as well.

Super SWAPP with link and sound

A variation in the swapp programming, where you don't need any kind of cache to preload the images, the image changes like in your HD, and you can change without any kind of problem between a small to a large image. Has to be seen! In this version, you can add a sound & link as well.

Link pointer

A nice visual effect, smooth, fast and without delay to point a link. Produce thousands with a click.

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