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Title Background Audio Tool
Platform IE 4.0+, NS 4.0+, Mac/Win
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Background Audio Tool
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Audio and Sound
Hits 827
Description Use the Background Audio Tool to add music to your web page. You provide the MIDI, WAV, or MP3 and the tool generates the HTML need to play the file in a web page. Use multiple audio files to create a virtual jukebox.


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Scripts Related to - Background Audio Tool

Script Name

CodeBrain's JavaScript Sound Kit Download

This is a complete downloadable kit with demos and documentation. It includes a special JavaScript function, and shows how to use sound with JavaScript on image and text mouseOvers.

abx 2 go

Load your original audio sample and your decoded (from mp3|ogg|mpc|ect) into this utility and check if you really can hear the difference via this blind listening test. (original idea from Script will run offline as well.

simple cmx-3600, 25fps - edl maker

This script is useful especialy when you have a lenghty tape and you only need to log few shots, use your vhs with burned in time code and enter the 'in' and 'out' points and script will generate the proper pal25/cmx3600 edl. Curently there is no support for 30fps timecode, but you are free to make a 'ntsc' version from this script. Version with some sounds added - for offline use is also available for download.

onMouseover sound effect

This script plays a sound when the mouse moves over certain links. It can be configured to initiate the sound only when someone clicks on the links as well.

Mini Midi Juke Box

Add a mini-midi juke box anywhere on your site; randomly plays a midi or mp3 upon page entry or refresh. This was originally created as a plugin for WebApp PHP, but will work as a stand alone for any website. Comes with sample midis and images.

Pop-up MIDI Jukebox

This script pops-up a small window into which to opens a MIDI Jukebox. Clicking on the animated Jukebox GIF opens the window and then loads the Jukebox files into the new window. This file is a frameset that creates two frames. The top frame holds the musical selections and the bottom frame holds the player. When a selection is made, the player is dynamically written with the selected MIDI file and the basic color/background information. Since the file contains nothing more than an embed command, the "background" music begins playing until you make another selection.

Alarm clock script

This is a JavaScript alarm clock that either alerts a message or plays a midi file when the specified time is reached.


QSound object outputs an audio clip through wave/midi interface. This class enriches a multimedia application or game with various sound effects. The media file gets buffered when the object is created. QSound control is ready for instant playing of sound clip right after browser finishes loading all page content.

FlashSound Javascript API

A small JavaScript library that enables interactive audio, contained in sound only SWF movies, to be triggered from ordinary HTML pages, using the Macromedia Flash Player. Browsers without the Flash Player installed will display the same pages without problems, scaling down to an audioless experience.

Music at the Opening of a Page

This script allows you to play music when your page is being loaded.

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