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  • Data Binding in Flash MX 2004 Pro - Free
    Trough a simple example (browsing a catalog) we explane how to use MX 2004 Pro Data Components (XMLConnector, Datagrid, DataSet) in combination with a MySQL database outputting XML documents.
  • Flash News System Using Php, Mysql and Xml, Part 1: Admin and Mysql - Free
    We all know by now that Php and Mysql are one of the most popular combos and the same applies to Flash and Xml. During the course of this article we will be harnesing all of those languages to make an extremley easy, but powerful news system with a Flash Front end. In Part 1, we will be looking at Database design using Mysql, the main admin template and procedures and some common functions.
  • Flash News System using Php, Mysql and Xml Part 2: Adding and Editing Art. - Free
    We all know by now that Php and Mysql are one of the most popular combos and the same applies to Flash and Xml. During the course of this article we will be harnesing all of those languages to make an extremley easy, but powerful news system with a Flash Front end. In Part 2, we will be discusssing how to add and edit news entries easily from the administration, and also how to deal with XML output.
  • Search Engine in Flash MX2004 - $30
    This is a database search engine created using Flash MX2004, PHP and MySql. You can enter a Keyword and search the MySql database for that Keyword. The entire search results are displayed on the next page. It uses MX2004 components also. Visit our website to see the working Demo of the same.
  • Barnes And Noble Price Quote
    The "Barnes and Noble Price Quote" is consumed as a web service from XMethods by using Flash MX to create the user interface and NuSOAP.php as a toolkit for the SOAP protocol. This service returns the price of a book at after supplying the ISBN number.
  • Google in a Flash
    The advent of SOAP as a sibling of XML opened up many possibilities for site developers to present information from various sources on their sites with unparalleled ease. And to add to this ease there are various Web Services in the form of APIs from large sources of information such as Google, Amazon, ebay just to name a few. Google being my favorite search engine (and that of millions of internet users), and flash being my bread and butter tool, the idea was to create an experiment where flash can fetch Google results and display it within its own interface.
  • Dynamically Loading Images with Flash MX
    This article will show you how to dynamically load JPEG images from any URL. This article assumes basic knowledge of Flash MX.
  • Installing Apache 2.0, PHP 4.2.0, MySQL 3.23, and PHPMyAdmin
    This article attempts to detail the installation of the Apache 2.0 web server, the PHP version 4.2.0 scripting language, the latest MySQL DBMS, and PHPMyAdmin on a windows (98, ME, XP, etc) desktop. Although there are a couple of programs that will do the installation of all these for you - the knowledge gained from setting these items up yourself far outweighs any time saved with the auto-install programs. This article focuses on what a Flash Developer will need to set up a dynamic working environment for Flash authoring.
  • Flash GuestBook using PHP and Text files
    This tutorial shows you how to create a simple Guest book in Flash. This Guest book is simple, efficient, fast, and easy to implement. There are no complicated database or xml issues to worry about. One swf, one script, and one text file. In this example we use a PHP script but after you understand how it works it should be fairly easy to write the same script in Perl, ASP, or Cold Fusion. This is intended for learning but still easy to install, modify, and get up and running quickly. The only requirement is that you have PHP available for use on your server.
  • Emailing Customized Flash E-cards with PHP and Text Files
    This tutorial explains how to send out customized Flash e-cards to anyone you want, or allow anyone that visits your site to do the same. This tutorial will allow you to set up a much simplified version of say the online Hallmark or Blue mountain e-cards application. This tutorial was designed to be as simple as possible while still being powerful enough to be used as a commercial application. This Tutorial use's only 2 simple php scripts and it will automatically create text files to save all of your data. For this tutorial it is assumed that you have an in-depth knowledge of Flash 5, and can run php scripts on your server. Please note though that the PHP scripts can just as easily be written in Perl or ASP, it's just the technique where concerned about showing here.
  • E-mail in Flash the Easy Way (with PHP, Perl, ASP)
    This tutorial and script deals with sending Email in Flash with the use of a server side scripting language. The scripts that are detailed in this are PHP, Perl, and ASP. All of which can work with this tutorial.
  • Load Variables from a Text File and Edit the Values with Perl
    The purpose of this tutorial is to not only load variables from a text file into your Flash movie, but also be able to edit and update those variables from that same movie or from a secure administrative area where only you have access. The only required knowledge for this tutorial is a basic understanding of using actionscript in Flash and access to a server that allows you to run cgi scripts. Other then that it's just changing a couple variables, cut and pasting, and uploading 2 files. The basic concept behind this tutorial will make it possible for you to add any number of new interactive features to your website with just a few changes in the code.
  • Simple PHP or Perl Live Counter For you Flash Movie - Free
    This tutorial shows you how to create a simple counter that you can use anywhere in your flash movie. The most obvious place is for either the intro or the main part of the Flash Movie that you are working with. You can also use this in other parts of your movie as well. For example, say you needed to keep track of how many users are viewing a certain section of your website, you can add one line of code and one text file - and you'll be able to keep track of that section.

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