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Title BURP
Platform Unix w/ Apache, mod_perl, MySQL
Price Free (GPL)
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Website Visit Website of - BURP
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » User Management
Hits 638
Description BURP is a very configurable user registration system (Password Protection/Membership & Profile Management) for Apache w/mod_perl and the MySQL DB. BURP uses cookies to store user information, keeping DB access to a minimum. It provides the user-info simply via CGI Environment variables, for easy, black-box use with other apps/logging. Directories can be protected by Apache config directives. All its pages are completely customizable through html templates with embedded perl. Many features supported: sign-up, sign-in, edit profile, change password, forgot password, add aliases, email-verification, etc. (new: v1.40 works with apache2/mod_perl2 in mod_perl1 compatibility mode)


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Scripts Related to - BURP

Script Name

Pitbull Lite

Pitbull Lite is a Perl program that allows you to securely password protect an area of your website, as well as manage the members that can access the protected area. It can be used for adult sites as well as non-adult sites. It is very easy to set up and use. Everything can be automated so you can concentrate on your content and promoting the site.

Gamma Site Guard

Gamma Site Guard allows to set up membership areas for websites. It provides easy installation, advanced account management and powerful protection system based on .htaccess and .htpasswd capabilities.

Account Manager LITE

Account Manager LITE is a powerful website membership management program with features including automated user/member signup, administration approval/denial control panel, automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd/.nsconfig files, form fields verifications and account finder for lost username/passwords, and much more.


shellgen is a script written to automate user accounts on a *nix machine. Features include support for setting up a username & password, creating a homepage directory, adding Apache Virtual Hosts, DNS zone files, Sendmail configuration and more to come.

Elf Gate

Protect members only areas on your website with this automated script that verifies payment and issues unique login id and passwords in real time. User can select user name and password. Admin interface allows manual edit/add/remove users as well as stats and logs. Compatible with PayPal and payment processors.

.htaccess Secure Site Membership System

A secure site membership program written in Perl 5 and was designed for use on UNIX. Functions: View pending applications; View server access log; Change admin password; Change admin e-mail; Change program display; View Active members; Suspend Members; Reactivate suspended members; Remove members; Email individual members or all members; Add member directly from admin; Exit to user side; Submit renew URL; Create directory and add .htaccess to it; Remove protection from a dir; Remove dir; Membership days remaining display with each record; Auto member expire and notification; Lock down existing directory.

Just Bring It Home User Registration

This script allows users to register with your site and login to a password protected members area. The admin area allows you to view a list of all your users, search for a user, and see a users information file.

Locked Area Pro

Locked Area Pro is an advanced member's area management system. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. It offers many useful features including automated signup, user account validation, optional random password generation and optional admin approve/decline account feature. The script also offers a member management panel giving the member full control over their account. The script also comes with a powerful administration panel with online administration of users, backup and full customisation facilities from the browser. Also includes a built-in statistics system.

Membership Client

Membership Client allows you have a fee based E-Downloads or Membership site. The script interacts with Credit card processing companies (any dealer or Once payments are confirmed, it automatically signs up the members. No Admin intervention needed. It also features automatic billing, automatic expiration of account, unlimited products and members and much more.


AccountHandler is a powerful application for providing member registrations and password protected area administration for web servers using the .htaccess method of password protection. You can use it just as a member registration application, you can use it just as a password protected area manager, or you take advantage of all the powerful features combined as one.

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