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Title BGshow
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - BGshow
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 688
Description BGshow is a very simple code 'snippet' to create a photo album or background picture download page.


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Scripts Related to - BGshow

Script Name

PHP Simple Gallery Script

This script is meant for small gallery (less than 100 files). This is an index file which you can upload to your directory full of images. With this file you may view those images as gallery with ease and you don't need to edit this file as you delete or add more images to your directory.


iPhotoAlbum formal phpPhotoAlbum is a dynamic photo album written in PHP. iPhotoAlbum has a new UI and include features like muti-level photo albums, auto-resizing, custom information panels, quikemail, quiklinks, icon packs, plugins, advanced photo album navigation, and many more features.


PhotoArch is a set of PHP scripts that provides a front-end to a photo database. It is more than just a web photoalbum. It allows you to index and reference your photography collection on multiple volumes (CD-ROMs, etc) and make parts of it available to general public or a restricted set of users. All managed through a web front-end.

Easy Album

Easy Album is a PHP based photo album program which uses text files. It is easy to install and features customizable layout. You can choose how many pictures to display per page, and disable right click to prevent the pics from being stolen. It also includes an option to send the pictures as postcards. The script supports a wide variety of platforms and Web servers.


YAPPA (Yet Another PHP Photo Album) is an easy to use online photo gallery program. It creates any needed thumbnails for the user on the fly, adding pictures to your existing gallery is as easy as FTP'ing to the album directory. Creating albums is as easy as creating a directory. Requires PHP4 and ImageMagick.

Futura Friends

This is a simple PHP script that allows you to create a photo/image album of friends on your Web page. It prints out a list of all the images in a given directory and displays an image selected by user.


This is a PHP script that enables you to serve pictures, videos, sounds, etc. over the web. THe author writes "I wrote it to allow my family to look through my (huge) collection of digital camera pictures and family videos." This is a single PHP 4.x script that has directory browsing and picture viewing built-in. It can use frames, be configured not to use frames, or you can allow your client to choose. The source code is heavily documented and almost everything is easily configured without needing to know much (or anything) about PHP, and the configuration section at the top of the script is separate from the 'real' code that does the HTML generation. It should be easy to customize as well, and is designed to be very flexible and extensible. It has been tested and developed on both NT and Linux, so it should work equally well on both platforms.


PhotoDB is a multiuser php4/apache/openssl/sql web based photo database to store your digital photos. It also features: Individual access controls for each image, Searchable descriptions, Session based, and Access logs.

PHP Photo Gallery

PHP Photo Gallery is an easily configurable dynamic photo gallery program. Simply add a photo and it's thumbnail and it will be added to the gallery. Features: Dynamic Gallery (add and remove pictures without editing code), Uses names of files as captions on Pictures, Supports multiple files types, and more.


EasyThumbs is a PHP script that takes the thumbnails of a whole directory, and creates a table out of them. You can define how many cells you want that table to have and you can also make the script display the images with a link back to the thumbnails. The advantage is that you can add/remove images without having to change the code at all.

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