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Title BGS MaskEverythingScript v1.0
Platform All Java-compatible platforms
Price Freeware (BFL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - BGS MaskEverythingScript v1.0
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Visual Effects
Hits 881
Description The MES-script lets you mask everything on a website including banner, textlinks or statistic-buttons. You can decide either to insert text into the hiding field or just a picture. It is also possible to insert a flash-movie!


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Script Name

Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically

Changes the color of IE5+ scrollbars in a page dynamically, via a very simple JavaScript function; shows how to attach the scrollbar color change function to links and to mouseOver and other events for some great effects.

JSFX Fireworks

This is a collection of several scripts that create animated firework displays on your web page. You can choose a script that animates each individual particle or you can use the more visually appealing scripts that animate images of fireworks. Ideal for any 4th of July web pages you are planning.

Animated Rainbow ScrollBars Script One

Easy, short, cut-and-paste script causes all page scrollbars to rotate in three colors. On/off control (optional) can turn effect on and off via links in the page. A really neat effect to draw attention to the page.

Boogey-Down Glow-And-Jump Animated 3-Color Neon Text

This cut-and-paste script and mini-tutorial presents text surrounded by three changing 'glow' colors, while also shifting the vertical and horizontal layout for a striking animation effect strongly resembling neon light displays. Colors, dimensions, and rate are all settable. An easy install.

Highlight table cells script

Give any table a "rollover" personality with this script! Using it, you can allow the cells or rows of any table to change color when the mouse rolls over them. This is a very powerful script that can add a little magic to any table, whatever the table is used for.

Screen Shake

You can modify this script to make the browser shake MORE or less and you can control how long you want it to shake for.


With Fall, you can have falling objects on your web page. A seasonal idea would be snow. You can also change the images, number of objects, speed, waft size, 3d wafting etc. <b>v1.7a update:</b> Now has a toggle switch so that surfers can switch Fall off and on (toggle switch is an optional extra). Also, lots of code optimisation & bug fixes.


The toolkit makes it easy for DHTML programmers to build their own animated three dimensional graphical applications with models, materials, transformations, modifiers, etc. It provides JavaScript libraries, documentation and a bunch of pretty examples. Please visit the website for further informations.

HTML Block Scroller & Marquee

This program animates any number of HTML block-level elements of any pixel size. After a specified amount of time, the next block is slid in to replace the old block. Great for showing a lot of content in a small space. Created with reusable code in mind. Have any number of separate block scrollers running on a single page all using the same javascript. Version 1.3 allows you to scroll HTML blocks from up, down, left or right!


Stars is exactly what it sounds like, a star field for your web page. It features image, speed & spin settings to play with. Works best in IE.

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