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Title Automatic MySQL Backup
Platform linux, freebsd, osx, sun
Price Free (GPL)
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Website Visit Website of - Automatic MySQL Backup
Category Tools & Utilities » Database Tools
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Description Using cron, mysqldump (included with MySQL) and gzip, this script will take daily weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases. Daily and Weekly backups are automatically rotated. Output log can be emailed to whoever is resposible for maintaining the backups. Can create a single backup file for all databases on a server or a seperate backup file for each backup. Plus a number of other features. See changelog in the script for full change history. Rememebr to rate it..


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--- dbQwikSync Moves PC data to your mySQL Server--- Wizard steps 1)Select you source local database from: Access,dBASE,MS SQLServer, Excel, FoxPro, Paradox 2)Select your target MySQL database 3)Pick the tables to move 4) Click Sync! Highlight Features are: Easy to Use, Step-by-Step Wizard Interface; Creates tables and indexes as needed; Automatically converts data types to closest compatible type; Save SQL as Scripts

Excel To MySQL Converter Agent

- Excel To MySQL Converter Agent converts from Excel To MySQL server through four easy steps with self description and help through any step. - Excel To MySQL Converter Agent has a built-in algorithms to detect the suitable data type for each field in the excel or CSV files. -Excel To MySQL Converter Agent gives you many options during conversion steps which makes the conversion flexible. -Try before you buy by downloading the demo version which allows the conversion of the first three rows. Features Supports all versions of MS Excel. Supports CSV files. Supports all MySQL versions. Convert to remote or local MySQL servers (your hosting company must be supporting remote access if you will convert to remote server) Merges Excel or CSV sheets into an existing database or a new database. Converts individual sheets or more than one sheet depending on your selection. You can convert sheets into new destination database ,overwrite existing database or even merge source sheets with destination database. You can choose separator type in case of CSV files. Install/uninstall/repair wizard. Try before you buy download the Demo version which allows the conversion of the first three rows.

How to Convert Excel, Access, DBF or XML into MySQL Using Navicat

This article discusses a solution to import MS Excel, MS Access, XML data to local or Remote MySQL databases by using a famous MySQL Admin Tool called Navicat. We very often need to import various data into MySQL databases. This becomes a tough job if we don't have a reliable & easy-to-use MySQL GUI; At times, when I am working on deadlines, this job becomes frustrating and I find myself wishing I had a tool to do this job for me. Navicat can convert Excel spreadsheets /MS Access to MySQL databases, eliminating time-consuming data entry and the errors that accompany it. It uses a Microsoft Access-like interface and comes with a MySQL server Launcher and comprehensive manual that will help you to get started. It is more than just a simple MySQL admin client, other useful major features include schedule backup, data transfer, import/export wizard, support Foreign Keys, visual query builder, and visual report builder.

Ariacom Business Reports

Easy-to-use database reporting and multi-dimensional analysis tool with dynamic SQL generation. -Native line, bar, point and pie charts -Integrated security management limiting user access -Fully multilingual design (currently in English, French, German, Spanish) -Report results in various formats (html, csv, txt, xml with conversion to pdf) -Output to various devices (file, printer, fax, email, ftp)

MySQL Maestro

MySQL Maestro is a powerful Windows GUI solution for MySQL server administration and database management. MySQL Maestro supports all the latest versions of MySQL, including MySQL 4.1/5.0, and all of the most important MySQL features, including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, user-definable functions, transaction-safe tables, BLOB and TEXT field types, MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions and many more.

Table croozer

Whether you are a PHP, Perl or Python Developer or simply have a message Board, Guestbook or other MySQL application running on your web server, this application will allow you to quickly and efficiently search through large MySQL tables and find the stuff you're looking for directly in your Web Browser. You can View, search and sort through tables in any MySQL database, Store views, ignore columns and more.

SQL Uniform

SQL Uniform is a general interface (GUI), a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison, export (convert). It supports every database and database server to which there is an ODBC or JDBC standard driver. Tested on the following databases: Access, Adabas D, dBASE, Excel, HSQL, IBM DB2, Interbase (Firebird), JDataStore, Linter (Relex), McKOI, Mimer, MSSQL, MySQL, Openlink Virtuoso, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive (Btrive), Pointbase, PostgreSQL, Quadcap QED, Solid, SQLITE, Sybase, ThinkSQL, Yard.

MySQL Turbo Manager Enterprise

MySQL Turbo ManagerÍ is powerful tool for MySQL Database administration and development.MySQL Turbo Manager allows you to maintain all MySQL database objects in a simple and direct way like run SQL scripts, manage users and administrate user privileges, build SQL queries, extract, print, export , edit BLOBs, build reports , send and receive messages between developers using the application, share projects files ( SQL , XML , TXT ) by email , create developer projects and supplies others additional features that will make your work easier, also integrates PHP and Java features and code generator.


ExcelReport is an Excel report generator that outputs reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Connects to all databases using ODBC, supports Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server, Teradata, MS Access, etc. Accesses database through SQL, supports multiple and different types of SQL statements (DML, DDL) in one report building process. With one time configuration, automatically generates Excel reports.

MyDbConverter (Access to Mysql Converter )

MyDB Converter is designed to convert MS Access databases to MySQL or converts MySQL database into Access database, using a very easy to use wizard style interface. No need to learn any SQL code or any other technical details to use the program. MyDB Converter main features are: Supports MS Access 2003 and MySQL 4.0. scheduling of conversion tasks to be performed automatically Command line support Synchronization support All common MySQL and Access data types and attributes are supported. Full support of indexes, Auto increment, composite primary keys and Constraints. The ability to select only the tables you want convert. You can choose either to convert to a new database, overwrite an existing one or append you tables to an existing database. You can choose to convert both table definition and data or definition only. Supports both local and remote connections to MySQL server. The ability to convert all name spaces " " in MS Access Database to underscores "_".

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