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Title Automated Digital Printing System
Platform Independent
Price 1499
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Automated Digital Printing System
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Handling » Image Manipulation
Hits 624
Description A complete PHP solution for online digital printing businessAllows adding templates, text, font, color, logo, background editing. Integrated with Paypal, very flexible. See online demo for more information.


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Scripts Related to - Automated Digital Printing System

Script Name


Have you ever wanted to make thumbnails of JPG images, or resize JPGs using PHP Not sure how, and don't want to grok a whole image library to figure it out MakeJPGThumb does all the work for you! Using MakeJPGThumb couldn't be easier. It's provided as a function which takes care of all your JPG resizing dirty work. You supply the function with 5 arguments: The source JPG file, the target width (or auto-ratio), the target height (or auto-ratio), the output JPG file, and the JPG quality percentage to use. The innovative thing about MakeJPGThumb is its ability to automatically calculate the aspect ratio if you provide only one dimension. We stress that this PHP code is distributed as a function, meant to be used by PHP programmers who want to be able to resize JPGs within their own scripts.


Script to crop uploaded images to a certain size. This size is variable/fixed. The user can resize a cropping window and decide for himself which part of the image he wants to use. Script uses DHTML library from, together with PHP and the GD (1 or 2)library. The script is an ad-on for other scripts.

PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit

PHP toolkit for reading, writing and displaying metadata in a JPEG image, including IPTC, EXIF, XMP, Photoshop IRB and more. It has been tested with images from over 450 models of digital cameras.


A simple banner generator using PHP and GD. It's very easy to modify. You just fill out the form and click submit and it makes the banner. Requires: PHP (It should work with any version on any platform. It seems to work faster on Apache.) The GD library with png support installed. Development has stopped. However it is still available for download.

Image Properties Viewer

This is a basic code snippet,useful for PHP newbies, which lets the user browse through the local system and get the dimensions of gif/jpg files along with viewing the image. Compatible with the PHP 4.0/Apache 3.0 and later versions. imgprop - is the PHP file,which is usuall placed inside apache/htdocs for execution.

Image Watermarking Script

This script aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital "watermark" to prevent unauthorized use. It is implemented as a PHP class and should be usable inside most PHP scripts. Images are accepted either as a filename or as a reference to a PHP resource

PHP Exif Reader

A PHP implementation of a reader for the EXIF v2.2 standard. Reads the EXIF information from JPEG files without the PHP function read_exif_data/exif_read_data.

Multiple Image Upload

Features: Upload to server up to 10 JPG pictures, Rename files with given index, Create SWF images from uploaded pictures, Create JPG thumbnails, Create SWF thumbnails. Also includes an Online JPG to SWF converter with preloader. Script require MING + GD 1.6 + ImageMagic or MING + GD 2.0


The PHP EXIF Library (PEL) provides an easy-to-use library written in pure PHP which will allow you to read and write the EXIF headers commenly found in JPEG and TIFF photos taken with digital cameras.

@1 Thumbnailizer (PHP)

Convert an image to thumbnail on the fly. It is very useful when used as a plug-in for other scripts that display large images.

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